We Need to Talk About…SANADA

January 28 marked the birthday of SANADA, who is always the coolest person in the room, and he knows it. Without ever seeing him wrestle, he’s that guy whom other guys want to be, and who makes people on every point of the sexual identity spectrum tingle in special places. Maybe not as much so…

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Thoughts From A Distance: WrestleKingdom 12

Three weeks ago, I attended WrestleKingdom 12 in the Tokyo Dome, with 43,000 of my closest new friends. So did some of you. Many more watched it on NJPW World, or on AXS TV. After the flood of think pieces, hot takes, and Tweet threads, I decided to wait for passions (mine, especially) to cool,…

Hideo Itami

We Need to Talk About…Hideo Itami

January 27 marks the fifth anniversary of Hideo Itami defeating Takeshi Morishima to win the GHC Heavyweight Championship. Back in 2013, Itami took Pro Wrestling NOAH’s highest honor, and went on to become the first wrestler to successfully defend that title nine consecutive times in one calendar year. Itami held the GHC Heavyweight Championship for…


We Need to Talk About…YOSHI-HASHI

Ah, YOSHI-HASHI. Perennial underdog, perpetual disappointment to Hirooki Goto, and CHAOS’s answer to the question of what would happen if Paula Deen banged a Super Saiyan. The Headhunter hasn’t exactly set the world on fire this year, or any year so far in his career. This week, we’ll explore the reasons why. The Good: YOSHI-HASHI…

WrestleKingdom 12 Main Event

WrestleKingdom 12: What’s The Real Main Event?

Regardless of one’s preferred flavor of professional wrestling, a match with the status of “main event” holds particular significance to promotions, fans, and talent. All aspiring and currently active wrestlers envision participating in main event matches, or they would not endure the physical and psychological demands of their chosen profession. A wrestling promotion reserves main…


We Need to Talk About…Hirooki Goto

Hirooki Goto has fans. No, really, he does, and quite devoted ones, at that. Goto’s reputation, particularly among Western fans, is less than stellar. Much of it stems from booking, rather than deficiencies in wrestling skill, but there is plenty of blame to go around. Goto has been a metaphorical punching bag around parts of…