Ronda Rousey signs with WWE

Ronda Rousey To Sign WWE Contract At Elimination Chamber

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is set to make her first announced appearance for WWE to sign a contract at Elimination Chamber. As announced on Monday Night Raw by General Manager Kurt Angle, Rousey will appear at the Elimination Chamber to sign with the red brand. The night after the Elimination Chamber is typically when we…

WWE 205 Live spoilers 11 7 17

Vince McMahon Hands Over 205 Live To Triple H

205 Live has reportedly gone in a different direction with Triple H taking over the helm full-time from Vince McMahon. As reported by PWInsider, McMahon has reportedly handed over the reins to Triple H after the decision was made to make the show less character-based and more about the in-ring work of the cruiserweights. The…

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin Finds A Loaded Gun In His Rental Car

Today, Shelton Benjamin got more than he bargained for when he got a rental from Budget Car Rental. The current SmackDown superstar posted a disturbing story about finding a loaded handgun inside the glove department of his rental that he had for the past four days: Budget Car Rental did make a reply to Shelton…

Triple H WWE UK

WWE Latin American Tournament? William Regal Says No

Reports, originally coming from, were that WWE was planning a Latin American-themed tournament for the WWE. It wouldn't come as news that WWE likes and has been successful with the concept of bringing outside talents into the WWE via an international tournament. The Cruiserweight Classic was the first of such tournaments, followed by the…

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Possibly Returning To WWE?

Rey Mysterio conducted an interview with The Mirror in the U.K. before his appearance with 5 Star Wrestling in Liverpool. Among the topics discussed, Mysterio indicated that he may have a future with the WWE soon, saying there is a "big possibility" of a return in the making. Here are some of the highlights from…

Corey Graves replaces JBL

Did Corey Graves Respond To Booker T’s Threat?

Corey Graves tweeted the day after Booker T's remarks on his "Heated Conversations" podcast. It didn't directly address the remarks made by Booker, as it said the following: Booker made remarks on his podcast about he wanted to "do something" outside of WWE or in the street. You can read the full transcription of…


Does Tyler Bate Have Heat Backstage?

Tyler Bate has allegedly come under heat recently, according to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestler Observer Radio. According to Meltzer, Bate came under fire when WWE wanted to put Bate on a main roster tour and Bate was unable to attend it, citing his commitment to other bookings. Bate has been on a losing streak…