WWE RAW Preview (12/26/16): 5 Things To Watch For

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It’s Monday; you know what that means. It’s once again time for our WWE RAW preview. It’s the day after Christmas, the holidays are (thankfully) over, and maybe now, life can get back to normal. Of course, normal for RAW these days is 3+ hours of barely tolerable television, but who knows? Maybe we will get a post-Christmas miracle tonight and the show will be good.

Pipe dream, I know. But, it is the final RAW of 2016. Maybe WWE is putting their resolutions to work early.

Anyways, let’s see what WWE’s flagship show has in store for us tonight.

1. Braun Smash…Everyone & Everything

When we left RAW last week, Braun Strowman was on a rampage after being denied another shot at Sami Zayn by Mick Foley. He even went after Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns after their match.

Now, let’s hope the rumors aren’t true. Let’s hope that this is not setting up Braun and Reigns for some sort of WrestleMania match. That would not be good…especially if the other part of the rumor, that it will be the main event of Mania for the Universal Title, is true. WWE’s rushing of things and their continuing to try to shove square pegs into round holes isn’t working. It’s not good for anyone, and it just builds resentment with the fans.

Maybe Vince McMahon will employ a little bit of logic with this. Then again, we are talking about Vince…

2. Jericho Doesn’t Like His New Accessory

By now, we all know that Chris Jericho is scared of heights. Unfortunately for him, he will be dangling above the ring in a shark cage during the main event at the Royal Rumble.

Where this is going, I have no clue. I can guess that it’s leading to Roman Reigns winning the Universal Title at the Rumble, and well, it is what it is. I am about indifferent to the whole deal now, and since WWE has done everything they can to make Kevin Owens into an illegitimate, weak champion, nothing else they do with him is going to surprise me.

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