WWE RAW Preview (1/9/2017): 5 Things To Watch For

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It’s Monday. You know what that means! Yep, it’s time for our WWE RAW preview. And, using my powers of perception, I am betting that this week will be much like last week and much like next week. I am beginning to think they are just recycling the script for the flagship show week in and week out.

So, without further ado, let’s see what RAW has on tap for us tonight.

1. WrestleMania 34 Announcement

Yep, this is the reason we are going to see The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels this week. The show will be airing live from New Orleans, and that’s the site of next year’s WrestleMania. They can’t even let us get through this year’s show before beginning the hype for next year.

Of course, a bunch of folks are betting that Taker will be announcing he’s going to be in The Royal Rumble, as well, so we have that to look forward to. But, since he’s a SmackDown Live guy, why is he not making the announcement there? Hmmm….

2. Bayley Continues Her Road To The RAW Women’s Title

Bayley is steadily making her way to yet another showdown with Charlotte Flair. Last week, she had to make it through Nia Jax to become the Number One Contender to The Queen’s RAW Women’s Title.

What obstacles will she face this week? Charlotte has shown that she’s not too keen on facing Bayley again; Bayley definitely seems to have Charlotte’s number after beating her numerous times. Will Bayley have to go through even more of the RAW Women’s Division in her quest to become the champion?

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