WWE SmackDown Live Preview (1/10/17): 5 Reasons To Watch

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Parodying the show which he was on, iconic Seinfeld character George Costanza once had a vision for a “show about nothing.” With stories that never seem to reach definitive conclusions, RAW would make Costanza proud if not for the fact it’s rarely funny.

As we entered 2017, SmackDown LIVE had become the new standard-bearer for quality, weekly WWE television. The last three weeks have all been must-see shows. We’ve witnessed well-crafted stories, two title changes, the return of John Cena and promise for the future. By the time last week’s show had concluded, three matches had already been announced for this week! Future planning; what a novel concept!

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to watch this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown LIVE:

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1. Baron Corbin: Main Eventer

On house shows over the weekend, Corbin found himself inserted into a main event role. He replaced Dean Ambrose in triple threats against AJ Styles and John Cena. There was some reported sloppiness the first night in Bossier City, but by all accounts he had a strong showing Sunday night in Lafayette. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Corbin is being groomed for a more prominent role. Such a move is something I’ve personally stumped for the last couple of months, if for no other reason that he’s a fresh face (or heel, if you will).

Tonight’s performance could go a long way in determining the short-term future of the Corbin character.

For his opponent, John Cena, the main event role is “old hat.” Tonight’s match will be the culmination of a busy day for the “face that runs the place” as Cena will again be co-hosting the Today Show in New York Tuesday morning. After the two great promos he’s cut since returning to SmackDown, it’s too bad he won’t have the same sharp tongue for that knob Matt Lauer.

Expect WWE Champion AJ Styles to factor into this match as the build continues for the Royal Rumble.

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