WWE NXT Preview (4/12/17): Five Reasons To Watch

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Last week’s NXT took place at the site of TakeOver Orlando, and besides Heavy Machinery inching their way closer to my heart, not a lot happened. Most of the show consisted of TakeOver recaps, including a swan song of sorts for the newest member of Smackdown Live, Shinsuke Nakamura. The annual post WrestleMania NXT purge has come and gone, and the aforementioned Nakamura isn’t the only marquee name to move up to the main roster, as The Revival debuted on Raw and Tye Dillinger debuted on Smackdown Live.

With a little over five weeks to go until TakeOver Chicago, who will step up and make a name for themselves in the newest era of NXT? Let’s get to this week’s preview post and find out.

5. The Chosen One Returns

I included Drew McIntyre in last week’s preview because he was shown in the crowd during TakeOver Orlando and confirmed during a backstage interview that he’s NXT bound, however it seems like his NXT in ring debut will happen at Full Sail.

NXT stars shown in the crowd during TakeOver’s have a good track record (Asuka, Bobby Roode), so I’d be surprised if McIntyre wasn’t given a top spot right away. He’s one of those guys that not only has made a name for himself on the independents and in TNA, but he’s also put in extended time on the main WWE roster.

HHH and the NXT coaches already know what they’re going to be getting out of McIntyre, and he should be one of the main beneficiaries of the open roster spots that are coming with the expected call ups.