WWE RAW Preview (4/17/17): 5 Things To Watch For

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Well, last week, we got all shook up, so now it’s time for a new era of our WWE RAW preview. Same old Monday night, but some new stars in the mix to freshen things up. Could be kinda interesting.

Last week, we saw Braun literally smash The Roman Empire to pieces, Ambrose and Miz seemingly pick up the feud they had on SmackDown Live, and Alexa Bliss come in to make a splash in the RAW Women’s Division.

So, what’s on tap for this week? Let’s dive in and check things out…

1. Roman Fall Down Go BOOM!!!

Welp, last week Braun Strowman took all his frustrations out on Roman Reigns, damn near killing him, causing a lot of property damage, and tipping over an ambulance in the process. It was glorious.

Of course, the cynic in me fully expects the “injured” Reigns to show up with a band-aid this week and take Strowman out, completely killing the angle. But if this weekend’s house shows were any indication, he’ll sell the injury with a load of ace bandages on his “separated shoulder” and come out and put Braun through a table. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

2. Finn Watch

Ok, I am leaving the snark area for a minute and getting a bit serious with this bit. I’m sure everyone has heard that Finn Bálor suffered what WWE thinks is a concussion due to a unnecessary stiff shot during his match last week with Jinder Mahal and has been taken off live events until further notice.

Now, if you follow me on Twitter or listen to me on various podcasts, you are well aware of my issues with Mahal. He disturbing to look at, something is off, and I just don’t like the man. Whether his new physique is natural or not isn’t the issue, but hurting someone in the ring is. Bálor worked Japan and its notorious strong style matches for almost a decade, so he and his size isn’t the problem (and if you think it is, you obviously haven’t paid attention to the man’s past, history, and resume). No one should go into a match working so stiff that their opponents get hurt, and this isn’t the first time Mahal has roughed up Bálor in a match.

Hopefully, Finn’s issues aren’t too serious, and he’s back in the ring where he belongs, healthy and whole, soon.

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