WWE NXT Preview (4/19/17): Five Reasons To Watch

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Last week’s NXT was full of change. Drew McIntyre & Aleister Black were victorious in their Full Sail debuts, while Shinsuke Nakamura bid farewell to the Full Sail faithful to close out the show. While Bobby Roode is still the NXT Champion, it’s clear that the new crop of talent is ready and capable of making an immediate impact.

This week’s show will feature another goodbye, as Tye Dillinger will make his final NXT TV appearance in a cage match against the leader of Sanity, Eric Young. The Tye Dillinger/Sanity rivalry has been fun to watch, but I’m glad to see Tye moving on to SmackDown where his ‘Perfect 10’ gimmick has a chance to flourish.

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5. Steel Cage Match

One of my favorite things about NXT is that they never abuse gimmick matches. They’ve only had a handful of steel cage matches, so when Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young was announced as a cage match, you knew it was for a special reason. They weren’t making it a cage match just to add a prop to a singles match; it fits into the feud, where Tye has never gotten to fight EY one on one for an extended period of time because the rest of Sanity can’t stop trying to pulverize him.

Dillinger will get shot tonight, and it’ll most likely be the final time we see Tye on NXT TV. He’s really found something special with this ‘Perfect 10’ gimmick, and I hope he can use all the momentum he’s built in NXT to enhance his success on the main roster. If the crowd reactions at the Royal Rumble and the last two SmackDowns are any indication, he’ll be just fine.

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