WWE SmackDown Live Preview (6/13/17): 5 Reasons To Watch

[caption id="attachment_47400" align="aligncenter" width="777"]WWE SmackDown Live Preview 6 13 17 Photo: TRP[/caption]

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for our WWE SmackDown Live preview. Money In The Bank is Sunday, and the blue brand has a bit more work to do on tonight’s go-home show. 2 MITB Ladder Matches, a SmackDown Women’s Title match, and a whole lot more need the finishing touches put on them tonight. Let’s hope no one drops the ball.

So, what’s on tap for this evening??

1. 6-Man Tag Team Action

Before their Money In The Bank match on Sunday, the 6 competitors will team up and face off in tag team action tonight. Nakamura, Styles, & Zayn will team up to battle Owens, Ziggler, & Corbin.

Yeah, this is going to end well. I fully expect this to break down into chaos before it’s all said and done. That or one of these guys will walk off, separating himself from the pack and leaving his teammates in the lurch. Sunday will be every man for himself, and I doubt very seriously that a great feeling of team spirit and comradery will be present in tonight’s main event.

2. Naomi Takes On Tamina

As if the prospect of facing off with Lana at this Sunday’s Money In The Bank wasn’t bad enough, tonight, SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi has to take on Tamina, who she pinned in tag action last week.

I am not saying Tamina is bad, but she isn’t the best on the roster, either. With Naomi already having to face the unknown quantity of Lana on Sunday, having her face another less-than-qualified opponent less than a week before doesn’t really say much for her abilities as champion. Of course, that could be the whole point. With WWE these days, I rarely know the logic of half of what they are doing.

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