WWE RAW Preview (6/19/17): 5 Things To Watch For

[caption id="attachment_47553" align="aligncenter" width="777"]WWE RAW Preview 6 19 17 Photo: TRP[/caption]

It’s Monday, and that means that it’s time for our WWE RAW preview. When last we left our flagship show heroes and heroines, everyone was getting ready for Great Balls Of Fire and trying not to snicker when saying the name of the show. Brock Lesnar returned to face off with Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins kicked off their feud, and Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor were no where to be found.

So, what’s on tap for this week??

1. Roman’s Big Announcement

His hair is fake? He is retiring? He is going on a humanitarian mission to Antarctica to commune with penguins and get off our television screens? Who knows, but tonight, Roman Reigns apparently has a big announcement for all of us.

I don’t know what he’s going to say, and I really don’t care. I am not a fan of Reigns for many reasons, so whatever WWE has planned for him, I can only hope it ends with a returning Braun Strowman smashing the hell out of him either in the ring or in a parking lot somewhere.

Barring either of those things happening, I am guessing that Roman will do one of two things. He will either challenge the winner of the Brock/Joe match at Great Balls Of Fire, or he will do something involving the new “free agent” John Cena. Whoopty freaking doo.

2. Creepy Bayley Or The Same Old Same Old?

Last week, we saw Corey Graves interview Bayley, and from the tone of the interview, it appears that the former RAW Women’s Champion is refusing to change after her defeats at the hands of Alexa Bliss.

Of course, the big rumor last week was that WWE is planning to do some sort of romance angle with her and Graves, which made me more than a bit nauseous. As I’ve previously stated, Bayley needs some time off and a reboot. Keeping her like she is now isn’t doing her any favors, and WWE is just shooting themselves in the foot if they continue down this road.

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