WWE NXT Preview (8/9/17): 5 Reasons To Watch

[caption id="attachment_49486" align="alignnone" width="777"]WWE:NXT 8/9/17, Johnny Gargano Photo: WWE[/caption]

NXT presents it’s penultimate episode before NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III on August 19th. The card is mostly set, with all title defenses already announced. However, some key players (Gargano, Ohno) are still noticeably absent from the big show. Perhaps this week the picture will come into better focus.

1. Rowdy Roddy Interloper

Two weeks ago, everything seemed set for the main event of Takeover. Roode vs. McIntyre. However, last week threw a possible wrench in those plans as an irate Roderick Strong interrupted the champion to say he still has beef with the Glorious One.

While McIntyre is promising to restore “our NXT”, Strong does have the seemingly more personal grudge with Roode, as he still feels slighted by Roode’s treatment of his family and the derision he leveled at his trailer park past. Does Regal change his mind and go triple threat at Takeover, or will Strong just have to wait his turn? I like the additional of a new moving part into the title picture, however, this serves to dilute McIntyre’s presence chance to establish himself with the NXT Universe. How can McIntyre shine, when he’s sharing the spotlight with a wronged underdog?

2. The Story Continues

The Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering recently responded to SAnitY, promising to not back down from their mind games (pages falling from the sky…RUN!). Will SAnitY be the ones to finally close the book on the Authors or will the Authors dynasty continue?

Perhaps this is finally the time for SAnitY to get some direction and reveal their master plan to the NXT Universe. Dethroning the champs would go a long way in doing just that. While SAnitY can’t come close to matching the Authors in power, the numbers game could finally catch up to the champs.

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