WWE SmackDown Live Preview (9/12/17): The Down & Dirty On Tonight’s Show

WWE SmackDown Live Preview 9 12 17
Photo: TRP

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for our WWE SmackDown Live preview. When we last left the blue brand, Shane McMahon was indefinitely suspended, Kevin Owens was threatening to sue anything with a pulse, and Daniel Bryan was the most disappointed dad in all of professional wrestling.

So, what does SmackDown Live have on tap for us tonight when they hit Sin City? Let’s take a down and dirty look at tonight’s show.

1. The Return Of Mr. McMahon

After all the craziness with Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon last week, Daniel Bryan announced that Vince McMahon was coming to SmackDown Live to clean up the mess. How will he do that? Who knows. But, I am guessing it will involve making a match between Owens and Shane. That’s where we’ve been heading with all of this right? Or, if Vince wanted to fire Shane, and WWE was concerned at all with continuity….

WWE SmackDown Live preview 9 12 17
Photo: TRP

2. Tye Gets His Shot

Tye Dillinger will challenge AJ Styles for the US Title tonight, and despite the fact that this match is resulting from Baron Corbin sticking his receding hairline into other people’s business, I have no doubt that this match won’t have a clean finish. Expect Corbin to come out once more and insert himself into the bout, causing a disqualification for either AJ or Tye.

3. Naomi Gets Her Rematch

Naomi lost her SmackDown Women’s Title to Natalya, and she will get her chance to regain the title tonight. I was more than a bit surprised that Naomi actually lost at SummerSlam, so I am guessing she will get her win back tonight. With Carmella having the Money In The Bank contract, it wouldn’t make much sense for her to cash in on another heel like Nattie.

4. New Day vs The Usos

Is it just me or have we seen this match 100 times in the past few months? I know that SmackDown Live has more than two tag teams, but all of the focus is on these two. Despite the fact they put on consistently good matches, it would be nice to see some other teams get a chance at the titles (not to mention some screen time on SmackDown) every once in a while.

5. A New Ziggler?

As we saw last week, Dolph Ziggler went through about 342 incarnations of a new character in about 5 minutes, so one has to wonder if his actual repackaging will come about this week. As we reported yesterday, he is getting repackaged but apparently, he doesn’t know much about what WWE has planned for him. And, personally, I don’t really care.

WWE SmackDown Live airs on The USA Network at 8:00 pm EST, and as always, we will have a full recap of the show as soon as it’s in the books.