WWE RAW Preview (10/9/2017): The Down & Dirty On Tonight’s Show

WWE RAW Preview 10 9 17
Photo: TRP

It’s Monday, and around here, Mondays mean our WWE RAW preview. Last week saw The Bar and The Miz teaming up to take out Roman Reigns, Mickie James continuing her assault on Alexa Bliss, and an ending that left us all hanging.

So, let’s get to the down and dirty on tonight’s show.

1. Miz TV

Last week saw Sheamus and Cesaro form an alliance with The Miz during his Intercontinental Title match with Roman Reigns. These three mocked The Shield, and I am willing to bet that will continue tonight. The Bar is set to be on Miz TV tonight, and things may get interesting if we have the reunion we are all anticipating.

2. Mickie Gets Her Shot

We learned last week that Mickie James will get a shot at Alexa Bliss’ RAW Women’s Title at TLC in two weeks. With all the “old woman” jokes going around, I expect Alexa and Nia Jax to continue to get the better of Mickie as we get closer to the PPV. But, as long as Mickie can slap the taste out of Alexa’s mouth each time, all isn’t lost.

3. Reunited?

Last week saw The Bar get the better of RAW Tag Team Champions Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, and The Miz (along with Sheamus and Cesaro) get the better of Roman Reigns. Tonight, RAW is taking place where The Shield debuted. It is taking place where The Shield was shattered. Will it also be the place where The Shield reunites??

4. Sister Abigail

No, Sister Abigail isn’t going to be a new woman debuting at TLC. It’s going to be Bray Wyatt in a new outfit with paint on his face. This could be good if WWE bothered to put some actual thought into it, but it’s Bray Wyatt. I don’t think WWE even cares about him anymore. So, I expect some sort of corny joke to be made out of this than the actual creepy, interesting story line development it could be.

5. New Cruiserweight

Last week saw Kurt Angle introduce Kalisto as the newest member of the Cruiserweight Division, and I am guessing he’s going straight into a title program with champion Enzo Amore. I’d prefer to see some of the existing Cruiserweights get their shot at dethroning Enzo’s obnoxious ass, but I guess it’s not to be at this time.

RAW airs on The USA Network at 8:00 pm EDT tonight, and we will have a full recap as soon as the show is in the books.