WWE NXT Preview (10/11/17): 5 Reasons To Watch

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With the recent announcement of a War Games themed NXT PPV (be careful about clicking thatlink if you want to avoid spoilers) changes to the dynamic and direction of November’s lineup seem to be in store. But while the format of some of the matches may look different, the feud participants and direction is becoming more apparent. Here’s what to look for on tonight’s NXT.

#5 NXT Is War

First it was Starcarde, and next up in the WCW PPV revival we have War Games (personally, feel WWE missed out on a chance to revive both Halloween Havoc AND the Halloween Phantom charcter, but I digress).

[caption id="attachment_51248" align="alignnone" width="777"]Halloween Phantom Photo: Pinterest/You Tube[/caption]

I like the opportunity that NXT has to run a gimmick PPV (and this is a fitting choice with Dusty Rhodes connection to the yellow brand), as NXT has run pretty straightforward matches for much of its existence. Will NXT employ employ the old format of two teams of four or more competitors facing off at staggered intervals and will they keep the double caged-in ring? Look for some clarification on this soon, perhaps tonight. Will the main feuds involving Drew McIntyre , the Undisputed Era, and SAnitY be shoehorned into a War Games match or will they go the traditional route?

#4 Who Joins Kairi?

One match we know is likely NOT to take on the War Games format is the previously announced four-way dance for the NXT Women’s title. We know Kairi Sane is in, but who gets the remaining three slots? Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross, and Liv Morgan get the first crack at it tonight in a three way dance to determine the next contender for Asuka’s vacated title.

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