Will Paige’s Return To WWE Be More Bitter Than Sweet?

Paige WWE Return
Photo: WWE

The first ever NXT Women’s Champion is rumored to return to action in WWE this week, just in time for Survivor Series. Paige has been out of action for over a year due to a neck injury, but two Wellness Policy violations have put her in a position where she needs to earn management’s trust again. Her downfall wasn’t easy to watch, but she has somehow made it back despite the odds.

Paige’s high-profile relationship with former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio was something that no one saw coming off screen because of their age difference. She was willing to stick with him through everything despite the way that he would bad mouth the company that his fiancée worked for. It seems like these two are done as a couple or on a break, but it’s long over due for Paige to focus on getting back into top notch shape in order to get cleared to compete.

There is no doubt that Paige heading to either RAW or SmackDown Live is a win for everybody that is invested in her comeback. The star power in RAW’s Women’s Division is much bigger, but SmackDown Live could benefit more from having Paige based on her in-ring ability. It is up to her whether or not she wants to stick around longer because another screw up will most likely be her last one.

It is better late than never for Paige, but once her entrance music hit and she comes out of the curtain, then everything that she went through to get back here was totally worth it. Look no further than once again hearing Paige saying “This is My House”; WWE has been a home for her. This is just another chapter added to Paige’s story, but more importantly, it’s a chance to show that WWE didn’t make a mistake by not giving up on her.

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