WWE SmackDown Live Preview (11/14/17): 5 Reasons To Watch

WWE SmackDown Live Preview 11 14 17
Photo: TRP

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for our WWE SmackDown Live preview! When we last left our heroes, The New Day was throwing down with Owens and Zayn, Jey Uso was working fools with a knee injury, and AJ Styles was becoming the damn WWE Champion.

What will the Blue Brand have in store for us tonight for the Survivor Series go-home show in Charlotte? Let’s have a look…

1. Feed Me More!

Last week, Kofi Kingston defeated Sami Zayn in a decent but not particularly memorable match. Afterwards, Kevin Owens got into the ring and started to take it to Kofi, but Big E and Xavier Woods jumped into the ring to make the save.

Small problem though: it wasn’t supposed to go down like that. On Wednesday, we received word that Owens and Zayn were both sent home from the U.K. tour. Soon after, it was reported that the end of the match didn’t go as planned. Apparently, Owens and Zayn were supposed to “feed” New Day and take a bit of a beating from the trio before taking off. Instead, they just took off.

Tonight, K.O. and Sami return to action, and are set to take on The New Day in a tag match. Will New Day be able to pick up some momentum before their Survivor Series meeting with The Shield? And will we receive any indication of how Zayn and Owens will factor in to Sunday’s event? And, will we see WWE exact any “on air” punishment on the pair like they are prone to do?

2. A Chance For The Queen In The Queen City

Last week, Shane McMahon announced that Charlotte Flair would get a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Title, taking on Natalya tonight. Not only will the winner take the championship, she’ll also take on Alexa Bliss this Sunday at Survivor Series.

One would think it’d be too late to make a change at this point, but after seeing AJ Styles replace Jinder Mahal as Brock Lesnar’s opponent, and given the fact that there’s been no build to a Nattie-Bliss match, a Charlotte win could potentially be in play. Will WWE hit that ‘upgrade’ button and send Charlotte to Survivor Series, or will the hometown curse continue?

3. Corbin Versus The Masked Man

In another SmackDown title match, Baron Corbin will put his United States Title on the line against Sin Cara. This will be the fourth contest between the two in the last five weeks, so if you like your real WWE programming to play out exactly like it does in the video games, you’re in luck here.

Remember the first time they fought? When Sin Cara took Corbin to task and won by count out, and I was all “why did they do this? It’s not like they’re pushing Sin Cara!” Well, as always, I’m a stupid person. They signed Sin Cara to a new contract, and now he’s on TV every week and getting title matches.

At the risk of being wrong yet again, I don’t see them pulling the rug out from under Corbin after all the words exchanged between he and The Miz recently. But similar to the Women’s Title match, the possibility of them being resistant to a “heel vs. heel” Survivor Series match leaves a small window open. Can Sin Cara pull off the upset?

4. What’s Next For Jinder?

To be fair, I’m not sure how many people are really asking this question. But I am. After dropping the WWE Championship to A.J. Styles last week in Manchester, I’m actually curious as hell.

Mahal went from obscurity straight to a 170-day world title reign. He’s never really been anything else, unless you don’t consider ‘3MB’ be to obscure. What do they do with him now? Does he enter the U.S. Title picture? Does he get relegated to the lower mid-card with guys like Dolph Ziggler? How often is he going to be on TV? I know that not all of these questions will be answered tonight, but I’m hoping some of them will. It’s no secret that I wasn’t in love with Mahal’s title run, but if they’re looking to keep him relevant and useful, they’ll make sure to get him into another angle as soon as possible.

5. RAW’s Revenge

It’s been three weeks since SmackDown invaded Raw and we got our HASHTAG UNDER SIEGE on. We never saw a response from Raw, and most of us figured that it would make sense for them to not hit back right away.

Well, with one more show left before Survivor Series, it’s now or never, and I’m thinking it’s now. Expect Raw to clap back with their own version of “Under Siege” tonight, and expect it to be just as illogical and fun to watch as the Blue Team’s was.

WWE SmackDown Live airs on The USA Network at 8:00 pm EST. Make sure to check back after the show for my full recap!