WWE Survivor Series 2017 Preview & Predictions (11/19/17): RAW vs SmackDown Live

WWE Survivor Series 2017 preview 11 19 17 Photo: TRP

WWE Survivor Series 2017 is only about 24 hours away, and it’s time for me to break out the crystal ball one more time for our preview and predictions. RAW and SmackDown Live will go head-to-head in Houston tomorrow for brand supremacy, and after all of these years, we know that that really doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Why WWE doesn’t have some sort of prize for the brand that wins the most matches is beyond me. Give them extra spots in the Royal Rumble. Give them extra picks in the next draft. Do something to make this feel like it actually means something in the big scheme of things.

But, that’s not going to happen. What we will see, though, is two traditional Survivor Series elimination matches between the brands with the men and women on each roster squaring off. Each brand’s respective champions will face off, as well, and I guess it is all going to boil down to bragging rights.

Of course, Vince McMahon has a tendency to favor his baby, WWE’s flagship show RAW, over all else, so I’d expect to see the red team come out with a slight edge and win the majority of the matches on tomorrow’s show.

But, until then, let me gaze into my ever-defective crystal ball and see what I can come up with…and if my track record holds true, be wrong about (at least 55.32% of the time).

crystal ball

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