WWE RAW Preview (12/4/17): The Down & Dirty On Tonight’s Show

WWE RAW Preview 12 4 17
Photo: TRP

It’s Monday, and around here, that means it’s time for our WWE RAW preview. When we last left WWE’s flagship brand, it was kind of a hum-drum show. Roman defended his newly won Intercontinental Title against Elias, Ambrose was off on his honeymoon, Seth gave some rambling promo about invoking their title rematch for this week, and the show just generally felt phoned in.

So, let’s get to the down and dirty of what’s on tap for tonight and hope it’s something better than last week.

1. Paige & Sasha

Last week’s 6-woman tag team match between Absolution and Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James never got off the ground due to Paige’s band of merry gals attacking before the match, so that left The Boss out there all on her own. Well, tonight, Sasha gets her shot at some payback when she goes one-on-one with Paige. If this is an actual match, it should be really good, especially if Paige is fully healed from her neck injury/surgery. If it turns into a cluster of shenanigans…well, it’s WWE, so that’s probably what we are going to get.

2. RAW Tag Team Title Rematch

Seth Rollins invoked his and Dean Ambrose’s title rematch last week on RAW, and the match is set to take place tonight. After last week saw Ambrose miss RAW due to being on his honeymoon and Sheamus off on sabbatical in Ireland, both men should come back tonight, ready to fight. And honestly, Seth and Dean need those titles a lot more than The Bar does….unless they plan on turning Ambrose heel sometime soon.

3. Broken, Woken Matt?

It looks like we will finally see a version of Broken Matt Hardy in WWE. I am withholding judgment on this for now, because the success of the character elsewhere had so much to do with Matt having creative control over it. In WWE, that more than likely won’t be the case. But, I am willing to give it a chance and see what happens…

4. The Samoan Joes

Looks like Roman Reigns next challenger for the Intercontinental Title will be Samoa Joe. I am good with this. Joe will kick Roman’s ass from pillar to post, and that’s always enjoyable.

5. Braun & Kane

I could have sworn that WWE wrote Kane off television for a while last week after Braun basically dismantled him, but that’s apparently not the case. The Big Red Machine will probably be back tonight, and I am sure he and Braun will go at it one more time. The thing is, it’s 2017, and not many people care about Kane anymore. I have to wonder just how much good this is doing Braun in the long run.

RAW airs on USA Network tonight at 8:00 pm EST, and as always, we will have a full recap of the show as soon as it’s in the books.