WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/5/17): The Bumpy Road To The Rumble Begins

WWE SmackDown Live Resuts
Photo: WWE

Team Sami and Kevin Owens went on and on about outsmarting the boss again last week during our WWE SmackDownLive results. Of course, that was offset somewhat when Orton hit the ring and downed him with a RKO outta nowhere. At the Clash of Champions in two week, Sami and Kevin will be taking on Randy and a partner of his choosing. Tonight, however, Owens is more than welcome at ringside as he will be handcuffed to the ring post.

Next up was Rusev Day when The New Day tried to end the festivities early with Aiden English and Rusev. Pretty decent match that saw Rusev and English get the win over The New Day.

Renee Young was backstage with Mojo Rawley and creep doesn’t even come close to that segment. Toss Ziggy in the segment and the creep factor jut got that much bigger.

We learn that Charotte vs Nattie for the SmackDown Women’s Title will now be a lumber jack/jill match. There’s no way in hell this could devolve into choas right? RIGHT??

The Bludgeon Brothers were up next in what could be flatteringly called a squash match. Yea; that’s the nice way of putting it.

WWE SmackDown Live Resuts
Photo: WWE

Then it was a Triple Threat for the US Ttle (I think); couldn’t really tell since Ziggy spent most of his time at the commentary. Then, there were zig-zags all around and it looks like that Triple Threat will be put off until Clash of Champions.

Tamina and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte were up next, with the women’s division surrounding the ring. Tamina is so green she glows. Charotte got the win with the Figure 8.

Sami and Orton was up next, with Ortn handcuffed to the ringpost. Owens managed to get loose with some bolt cutters and despite all of the shenanigans, RKO stood tall…until Sami and Kevin beat him down. Shinsuke ran down to even the odds.

WWE SmackDown Results

Rusev and Aiden English defeated The New Day.

The Budgeodn Brothers defeated two jobbers.

Charlotte defeaed Tamina with the Figure 8.

Randy Orton defeated Sami Zayn. (with a bit of help from Owens and Nakamura)