WWE RAW Preview (12/11/17): The Down & Dirty On Tonight’s Show

WWE RAW Preview 12 11 17
Photo: TRP

It’s Monday, and around here, that means it’s time for our WWE RAW preview. Well, Matt’s woken, Absolution is running roughshod, Kane and Braun are still going at it, and The Shield and The Bar and Samoa Joe are at each other’s throats.

Just another Monday in WWE Land.

So, let’s get to the down and dirty on tonight’s show.

1. Absolution Is After Everyone

With the exception of Asuka, who they seem to want to recruit, Paige and her band of merry women can’t beat up the women’s division fast enough. It’s another Monday, so that means another victim. Wonder who it will be this week??

2. The Samoan Joes

Samoa Joe has his sights set on Roman Reigns and his Intercontinental Title. So far, Joe seems to have Roman’s number, so it is just a matter of time before Joe is wearing gold in the WWE?

3. Woken Matt

Well, this should be fun. Matt Hardy has finally woken up or broken apart, so there’s no telling what he will do. But, unless there are appearances by Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin (and maybe King Maxel and Lord Wolfgang), I am going to be sorely disappointed.

4. Braun & Kane….Still

Yes, I am sick of this. No, there is no reason for it in 2017. Send Kane back to Bumfuck, Tennessee, and let him run for mayor instead of clogging up my television.

5. The Shield & The Bar

These four are still at it, too. If I am not mistaken, there are other tag teams on RAW that both of these teams can work with. So….why aren’t they??

RAW airs at 8:00 pm EST on USA, and as always, we will have a full recap and results as soon as the show is in the books.