WWE RAW Preview (1/29/18): The Down & Dirty On Tonight’s Show

WWE RAW Preview 1 29 18
Photo: TRP

Well, the Royal Rumble is over, and tonight, we get to deal with all the fallout from all the craziness of the PPV, so it’s WWE RAW preview time. There were new champions crowned, shocking returns, and some surprises that no one expected.

So, with that said, let’s get to the down and dirty on tonight’s RAW.

1. What The Hell Is Ronda Rousey Doing Here?

Asuka’s moment of glory in winning the first Women’s Royal Rumble was dampened by the arrival of Ronda Rousey in WWE. Asuka didn’t even have the chance to pick her Mania opponent before Rousey came out to the ring and pointed to the Mania sign herself. So, maybe tonight, we will find out what Rowdy Ronda is doing in WWE. Is she planning on inserting herself in the Women’s Title match at Mania in some way? Challenging Asuka? Should be interesting

2. Brock Retains…Big Shocker

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all knew it would happen, because Roman has to face Brock at Mania and be coronated one more time. But, damn, Braun Strowman put on one hell of a show during the Universal Title match. He deserved to win due to how WWE has built him up, but nope. It was Brock. Pretty sure Lesnar won’t show up again until around Mania, and who knows what they will do with Braun next. He’s run through the entire RAW roster, so what’s really left for him to do?

3. The Bar Wins Again

The Bar are the new RAW Tag Team Champions, but that has more to do with Seth Rollins defending the titles on his own than anything Sheamus and Cesaro actually did. Jason Jordan did absolutely nothing in the match except get slammed into a ringpost, get tagged in once, and immediately tag out to an exhausted Rollins. You have to think that this is the beginning of a program with Rollins and Jordan, and as long as Seth kicks Jordan’s annoying, egomaniacal, obnoxious ass, I’m good with it.

4. What’s Next For Roman Reigns?

After losing the Royal Rumble to Shinsuke Nakamura last night, what’s next for Roman? We know that he has to wait until Mania to beat Brock for the Universal Title, but what happens in the meantime? Kind of like Braun Strowman, Reigns has gone through most of the RAW roster, so there’s not many folks left for him to feud with. Maybe they’ll give him some time off. and we won’t have to deal with him. I like that idea.

5. Bálor Club Plans

They’ve put the trio together, so what are they going to do with them? I say have Anderson and Gallows go for the tag titles once more and have Finn go for the IC Title. A feud between him and Miz would be good…especially if we get some Prince Devitt personality from Finn thrown in. Heel Bálor is the best Bálor. I know it’s Mania season and plans are being made, but these three are too good to have just as filler wrestlers for filler matches.

RAW airs at 8:00 pm EST on USA, and as always, we will have a full recap of the show as soon as it’s in the books.