Bill Goldberg Claims TNA Is Interested In Bringing Him In


Bill Goldberg On Returning To Wrestling

In a recent interview with Channel Guide Magazine promoting his new movie, former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg spoke about returning to the ring and revealed that TNA has been in contact with him recently:

“I was very lucky in that I did not kill myself during my tenure in the wrestling world. My body still can take some serious abuse as we see with me training Muay Thai kickboxing three days a week. As long as I got this little boy with a desire to see me do something in the ring, there is the idea of never say never.

“When something supersedes your business sense, it has to be ego or something ridiculous. I surely am not going to miss a bit of sleep if I don’t get a phone call from them. I just got contacted by TNA a couple of days ago. I don’t know. They want to promote the movie since one of my adversaries in the film is Bram (Thomas Latimer), who works for them. I’m greatly appreciative they want to help the movie out. Now at the end of the day, promoting the movie is one thing, but getting a guy like Goldberg in your wrestling organization is a completely different story. We’ll see.”

I’m not sure how much good bringing Goldberg in would do TNA at this point in time. It has been over a decade since he has been relevant in the wrestling world, and TNA may want to spend their money on other things.