WWE RAW Ratings, Viewership (1/9/17): Slightly Down Against Big Time Competition

WWE Raw Ratings 01 09 17
Photo: WWE

This week’s WWE RAW ratings and viewership numbers took a slight hit, which was not surprising given that the show went up against the BCS National Championship game. RAW drew 2.907 million viewers on Monday night, down from last week’s 3.047 million viewers.

The BCS title game on ESPN drew 24.391 million viewers, slightly less than last year’s game. RAW, for its part, held pretty steady during the first two hours of the show. Those hours drew over three million viewers, roughly in line where the show has been of late. The third hour saw a noticeable drop, which has been a trend for a while. All three hours of RAW went up against the BCS game coverage, so all in all it looks like the game didn’t have a very profound impact on WWE’s numbers until the third hour.

The hourly breakdown was as follows:

  • First Hour: 3.014 million viewers (3.042 million viewers last week)
  • Second Hour: 3.019 million viewers (3.159 million viewers last week)
  • Third Hour: 2.689 million viewers (2.939 million viewers last week)

In the coveted 18-49 age group ratings demographic, RAW finished in seventh place for the night on cable television Monday. It was beat out by several different shows covering the football game, as well as SportsCenter and Love and Hip Hop 7.

In terms of pure viewership, WWE RAW’s 2.907 million viewers ranked in ninth place on cable Monday evening. We hope to have the final cable broadcast rating for the show when it is available. We will update this post when we have those numbers.

Source: Showbuzz Daily