Impact Wrestling News: Hardys Update And This Week’s Viewership And Ratings

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Photo: Impact Wrestling

In the second week of their rebranding and rebirth, Impact Wrestling got much better news when it came to their viewership and ratings for their weekly show. While last week’s show held steady with with the numbers that the show had been getting before Jeff Jarrett returned to the helm of the promotion, this week’s show, which featured the championship fallout between Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron, drew 344,000 viewers. This is up 18% from last week’s 292,000 viewers.

And, while the show didn’t make Cable’s Top 150 last week, it ranked #119 this week, scoring a .10 cable rating for the night.

But, the news isn’t all good for the company. The legal battle over The Broken Hardys gimmick continues to heat up, and both Matt and Reby Hardy have given updates on the situation via Twitter over the past few days. On Thursday, Matt gave his own kind of update, in character, but the message is pretty clear.

As for Reby, well, she’s on another of her glorious, epic Twitter tears today, letting everyone know what’s going on in no uncertain terms.

Update: TNA sent an absolutely laughable legal proposal re: trademark, usage, & ownership. Sigh. We tried to play nice. Truly. Oh well. They also seem real hurt about #F*ckThatOwl. Awww. Cute.

Too late, guys. It’s OVAH.

Fun facts! Senor Benjamin never signed one piece of paper stating TNA could ever use, broadcast, or profit from his image/likeness. Fun facts! Maxel was never legally cleared to work/appear on camera. Wanna check them TV child labor laws & get back to me, TNA?

Fun facts! Nearly every notable attribute that makes #BROKEN Matt Hardy “Broken Matt Hardy” was developed by ME in a Waffle House. Yummy!

Fun facts! Trying to prevent someone from legally making money is torturous interference of business & a HUGE OFFENSE! How bow dat C&D? Fun facts! I filed for the #BROKEN trademark when all the shady business from JJ & Anthem got back to me, WEEKS before his contract was up.

If owning my husband was that important, why not file/apply – oh, I don’t know – BEFORE his contract was up? BEFORE you found out I did? How about every other talent still working under their “TNA name” & gimmick without issue. Wouldn’t that look weird in court? Yeah…

And the store I’ve been running for 5+ years, 100% by myself, with MY original designs & my sole effort/investment. Yeah, they want a cut. Theme song I composed/recorded/graciously allowed them to use GRATIS when they were having licensing issues w/music. They claiming that too.

If the character is TNA’s, where are their format sheets? (Don’t exist) Where are the scripts? (Can’t be produced, don’t exist). And…best part. Ready? SURPRISE! “The Hardy Show” was behind the scenes recording OUR entire creative process this whole time. See you soon!

And, #F*ckThatOwl.


Yeah, this is looking worse and worse for Anthem. They need to quit while they are ahead…and stop making Reby mad.