WWE Files Key Motion In Concussion Lawsuit

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Photo: WWE

PWInsider is reporting that WWE has filed a motion seeking a summary judgment that would end the lawsuit brought against them by former wrestler Vito LoGrasso and former developmental talent Evan Singleton on 4/17 in the United States District Court of Connecticut.

Similar lawsuits brought against the company by Billy Jack Haynes, Luther Reigns, Ryan Sakoda, and Russ McCullough have all been previously dismissed. All claims, with one exception, brought by LoGrasso and Singleton have also already been dismissed. The claim that the company “became aware of and failed to disclose to its wrestlers information concerning a link between repeated head trauma and permanent degenerative neurological conditions” is all that’s left for the court to decide here.

WWE created its Wellness Policy in 2005 when both plaintiffs were still working for the company.

The motion filed by the promotion states “(the plaintiffs) never had any factual basis to allege that WWE was aware in 2005 of a link between repeated head trauma and permanent degenerative conditions, and no basis to allege fraud.”

If this motion were to be granted, then WWE would have in effect defeated Singleton and LoGrasso and their lawsuit would be dead.

The class action lawsuit brought by 50 former performers is still ongoing.