Cody Rhodes Reveals He’s Set To Make Important Decision On His Future, Also Talks Name Issue

Cody Rhodes
Photo: WWE

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote the upcoming “Bullet Proof” event for Luke Gallows’ WrestleMerica promotion on 4/22. Among others things, Rhodes revealed how after traveling the world of wrestling for a year, he feels now is the time to settle on a new wrestling home on a full time basis:

I’m about to make a decision. It’s been really fun to cross all the streams, but at this point I do need to find a new home. That is going to limit all the distance I cover, which includes the work I’ve done with companies like Limitless, Defy, and All Pro Wrestling; there is even a company in Kolkoska, Michigan, where I’m wrestling that is called “Mr. Chainsaw”.

Rhodes also talked about how over time, he’s actually started to enjoy just being known as “Cody” – but also added that he still very much plans to obtain the rights to his full name at some point in the future.

The past year has no doubt been one of the most fun in Cody Rhodes’ career after he took the decision to leave WWE and the shackles of the Stardust gimmick. It will be very interesting to see who acquires the ‘American Nightmare’ going forward, as there really isn’t a Pro Wrestling company out there who wouldn’t benefit considerably from his signature.