WWE Tag Team News: The New Day, Broken Hardys, The Revival

Kofi Kingston
Photo: WWE

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that the plan is to hold off The New Day’s SmackDown debut until Kofi Kingston is ready to return from ankle surgery. When exactly that will be was not specified, although initial reports were that Kingston would be out “several weeks.” It’s considered a no brainer that New Day will be programmed with SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos, seeing as there is no other logical contender on the brand right now.

There are conflicting reports over what the future holds creatively for the Hardy Boys. Sportskeeda is on the record as saying Vince McMahon is NOT a fan of the “Broken” gimmick and that’s why we haven’t seen it. However, in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer reported that the plan is to eventually go with the “Broken” gimmick seeing as it’s likely to be a strong merchandise seller. It also, theoretically, is what revitalized Matt & Jeff’s careers while away from WWE.

Of course, when WWE brought the Dudleys back, it was as if the “Bully Ray” character had never existed. With the Hardys, there are still legal details that need to be worked out with Anthem before the “Broken” gimmick could even be used.

The SportsKeeda report did note that many on the writing team want to go with the “Broken” gimmick and that McMahon has taken note of the “delete” chants. Word is that after the Hardys drop the RAW Tag Titles, there has been a discussion about doing Bray Wyatt vs. Broken Matt. McMahon still sees Jeff as a top singles star.

The most logical team for the Hardys to drop the RAW Tag Titles to is The Revival, but Dash Wilder is going to be out for two months with his broken jaw.