PJ Black Injured During Base Jumping Accident, Could Miss 12 Months

Photo: @darewolf333

PJ Black, formally Justin Gabriel of the WWE, was injured in a recent base jumping accident and could be out of action for up to 12 months.  This is not the first time Black has been seriously injured base jumping.

The Lucha Underground star spoke about the accident with Interactive Wrestling Radio and talked about how jumping off the 320 foot tall building went horribly wrong.

“The short version is, I jumped. My body position wasn’t perfect. The parachute opened with a 180-degree turn, so instead of flying away from the building, I flew straight into the building. I managed to kick off one of the ledges and flip myself around,  but in doing that I broke my ankle, and then while I was flipping around my finger got caught in a satellite dish. It ripped the tip of the finger off. I’ve got two titanium plates in my leg, and a pretty messed up finger, but I’m alive so that’s pretty cool.”

The 36 year old South African star continued:

“The South African doctors told me three to four weeks, non-weight-bearing. So I’m still on crutches and I can start walking pretty soon, obviously with a moon boot on. But the American doctors found some extra arthritis and dead bone in my joints. So they recommend crutches for about three months. So anything between six months and twelve months, depending on how quickly I recover. I guess the arthritis and the dead bone is from my 20 years of wrestling.”

More details on the accident are on the video below.

We at Top Rope Press wish PJ Black a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him in a ring again soon.