Neville Returning To WWE?; Match Announced For RAW; Paige Backstage At RAW

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The Shield In Action On Tonight’s RAW

With Roman Reigns returning to action tonight, it looks like The Shield will have their first match since reuniting on RAW instead of at Survivor Series. It’s being reported that the trio will face off with Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz on tonight’s show.

Neville Returning To WWE?

It’s being reported that Neville may actually return to WWE. The former Cruiserweight Champion was believed to be finished with the company after being extremely unhappy and walking out last month. But, apparently, the two sides have had some positive talks, and a return looks possible (with some saying it could happen by the end of this month).

On a personal note, if Neville returns, I hope it’s because it’s what he really wants to do and not because they are promising him the moon…only to have “plans change” down the road. It’s being proven more and more every day that wrestlers don’t need WWE to succeed, so hopefully Neville does what is best for him and isn’t fed a line of BS to lock him in somewhere. Also, I’d hate to see WWE exact some sort of “punishment” on-air if he does come back just to prove a point.

Paige Spotted At RAW

It appears the rumors are true. Paige, who has been out of action since last summer with an injury and two Wellness Policy suspensions, was spotted heading into Phillips Arena in Atlanta earlier today. So, we know she is back…whether or not she makes her on-air return on tonight’s show.

Guess who just arrived to the Phillips Arena at Atlanta, Georgia? She’s back ladies and gentlemen! Paige will be back…

Posted by The 434 on Monday, November 13, 2017