Daniel Bryan On Wrestling Again; Chris Jericho Talks His Match With Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega WrestleKingdom 12
Photo: Abdulmalik Ali

Daniel Bryan On Returning To The Ring

Daniel Bryan is talking more and more these days about returning to the ring. Busted Open Radio caught up with Bryan this past weekend, and he’s confident he will return to action…but probably not for WWE.

“I think there is an 85% chance that I will wrestle again, my wife says it’s 100%. That’s not the case, if I get a test that says I shouldn’t wrestle again, then I won’t wrestle again. So I think there is an 85% chance that I will wrestle again. I would say that there is about a 20% chance that WWE will clear me to wrestle. It’s a small chance, but it’s not an impossible chance.

“I know that they [WWE] want me to wrestle. There’s just a lot of stuff that has to happen for me to be able to wrestle. One of the things about an independent schedule is that it would be easier. But I think if WWE were to clear me, they’d give me a little bit of a lighter schedule. We’re not running as hard as we were in 2013 where you’re doing both shows [RAW and SmackDown].”

Despite what Bryan says, I don’t think we will ever see Bryan wrestling in a WWE ring again.

Chris Jericho On Alpha vs Omega

Chris Jericho continues to hype his WrestleKingdom 12 match with Kenny Omega, and he thinks that the match will be bigger for NJPW’s big show than it could be for WrestleMania.

“I think just the fact that if Kenny left New Japan tomorrow and I went to the WWE and we had the same match at WrestleMania, it wouldn’t have the same mystique about it because there’s something about it now where everyone knows that Omega is so big in Japan and Jericho has a history in Japan, which is another thing I liked about it. Kenny and I’s careers mirror each other; I started in Japan, I grew up in Japan, I’ve been there 60 times, so there’s a big history of Jericho in Japan as well that started before I ever went to the WWE. So there’s a combination of a lot of things that make this very special and a once-in-a-lifetime type of matchup. I think if it was in the WWE, even if there was no restrictions, it still wouldn’t be as big because it’s still WrestleMania in a WWE ring. This is different, it’s over in Tokyo, it’s at the Tokyo Dome fore New Japan Pro Wrestling. I think that adds to the intrigue and the mystique of the match right off the bat, as well.”