More Names Gone From Impact Wrestling?; Spoiler For Tonight’s SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live Ratings
Photo: WWE

RAW Invading SmackDown Live?

It looks like RAW will get a measure of revenge on SmackDown Live tonight. It’s being reported that most of the RAW roster is in Charlotte tonight for the blue brand’s Survivor Series go-home show, so we can expect to see some sort of invasion as payback for what the SmackDown Live roster did three weeks ago.

We had already reported that The Shield was scheduled to be at tonight’s show to go after The New Day, and now, it sounds like RAW is going to go after everyone.

More Names Gone From Impact Wrestling?

It looks like more names are gone from Impact Wrestling. The promotion has purged it’s roster page on their website, and Alisha Edwards, Swoggle (Hornswoggle), The Veterans of War (Mayweather & Wilcox), and Mahabali Shera have all been removed from the active roster section.

These names join James Storm, Low-Ki, Rockstar Spud, all the Impact Wrestling referees, Bram, Teryn Terrell, Jim Cornette, Jeff Jarrett, Eddie Kingston, Robbie E., and Reno Scum as talent and management who have left the company over the past two months.

Impact Wrestling is in the midst of major cost cutting measures, but one has to wonder if they will even have a roster by the end of the year at the rate that people are leaving.