Chris Jericho Makes Surprise Appearance At NJPW WTL Finals

Chris Jericho challenges Kenny Omega WrestleKingdom 12
Photo: NJPW

Talk about surprises. Chris Jericho made a shocking appearance at tonight’s NJPW World Tag League Final. At first appearing in a pre-taped vignette, when the lights came back on, Jericho was standing behind Kenny Omega and proceeded to beat the hell out of him, bloodying him up in the process with several shots to the head with the IWGP United States Championship.

No one really expected Jericho to make an actual appearance in NJPW until WrestleKingdom 12, so his showing up tonight after Omega’s match was more than a shocker. Even more so was that Omega got little to no offense in, and his tag partners, The Young Bucks, were nowhere to be found.

After Jericho was done with Omega, he attacked Don Callis, who had come in the ring to check on Omega. Callis ended up being stretchered out, while Omega was helped to the back by The Bucks.

One can only think that Jericho will make at least one more appearance during the upcoming Road To The Dome shows coming up this month, and this time, Omega will be prepared.

Omega and Jericho are scheduled to face off at WrestleKingdom 12 on January 4th at The Tokyo Dome at NJPW’s biggest show of the year.