WWE Tells Paige Her In-Ring Career Is Over

Paige WWE career over
Photo: WWE

It is being reported that Paige’s in-ring career in WWE is over. As we all know, Paige was out of action for over a year with a neck injury that required surgery. She had only just returned to WWE and in-ring action with a new faction, Absolution, just last month. Now, after a freak injury at a house show two weeks ago, it looks like she will no longer be wrestle…at least for WWE.

The trio of Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Paige were gaining traction as an ass-kicking trio of women who seemed hellbent on taking over the RAW Women’s Division. Paige had even been announced for the upcoming WWE Women’s Royal Rumble before her accident during a house show on December 27th, after taking a move from Sasha Banks.

Banks either hit her wrong with a dropkick to the back or Paige wasn’t prepared for the move. The match was immediately stopped, and even though a stretcher was brought out to the ring, she was able to walk to the back under her own steam. She has not been in action since the accident last month.

The report is saying that in a situation similar to that of Edge, Paige, who is only 25 years old, was informed this week after her most recent in-ring injury (the one that happened on December 28th). It’s rumored that Paige was given the news at the RAW tapings this week.

She has been pulled from the Women’s Royal Rumble and everything is pointing that she will be relegated to a non-physical role in the company going forward. She is well liked by management, so she should be kept on in some capacity behind the scenes. She’s been on Total Divas, and she could even end up in a coaching position or another role in NXT. Plus, there is the movie on her life due to be released in September.

We will keep everyone updated as more information comes out on this situation.