Ring of Honor Results And Analysis (August 5, 2015): Young Bucks/War Machine, More


Courtesy: ROH

Ring of Honor Results And Analysis: August 5, 2015

Roderick Strong kicks off the show with a backstage promo. After his time limit draw with Lethal at Death Before Dishonor, he wants a rematch.

Young Bucks vs War Machine

War Machine beats back the Young Bucks to kick it off, and Nick Jackson gets press slammed over the top rope Matt. War Machine follows the Bucks outside, where they end up taking Superkicks for their effort. War Machine is not fazed; they javelin the Bucks into each other and toss them back into the ring.

Rowe gets a Swanton on the outside, and The Bucks return to the ring to double team Hansen. Hansen gets up, not hurt a bit, and double clotheslines his opponents. More superkicks and The Bucks fly to the outside.  Nick appears to have injured his ankle during a bad landing.

Matt Jackson wrestling on his own, and AJ Styles comes out to check on Nick. Matt is getting destroyed in the ring, and somehow, AJ manages to join the match.  Matt is finally able to tag out, and AJ runs through Rowe.  Styles accidently clotheslines the ref, which allows Matt to hit even more superkicks.  Nick sneaks in, delivers more superkicks, and AJ hits the Styles Clash for the win.

The Young Bucks & AJ Styles win via pinfall

My Thoughts: Not a bad match at all. The Bucks are always exciting to watch, and surprisingly, War Machine complimented their style.  AJ was a nice surprise, too.  The crowd was totally behind The Bullet Club, and between all of the bumps and distractions, this turned out to be a good tag match.  And, of course, Nick was just playing possum. 

Backstage Segment: Adam Cole denies any dissension between him and The Kingdom.  He says his friendship with Kyle O’Reilly is separate from his working relationship with The Kingdom.  He puts over Kyle as his best friend.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott) vs Romantic Touch

Caprice Coleman is on commentary. Cedric jumps Touch from behind and dominates early. Touch bounces him from the ring and hits a crash and burn. Veda grabs Touch’s leg, allowing Cedric to deliver a low blow. Cedric hits the Lumbar Check for the win.

Cedric Alexander wins via pinfall 

Veda Scott tells Cedric to rip off Touch’s mask to expose Rhett Titus. Coleman stops him, and Moose makes the save. Cedric tucks tail and runs away.

My Thoughts: Meh. Short, sweet, and to the point.  None of these guys do much for me, but Moose coming out to make the save was a nice touch.

Backstage Segment: Jay Lethal & Truth Martini.  Jay says he plans to be the greatest champion in the world and the best wrestler in the world.  He plans to keep proving it.  Martini says Lethal is a legend in the making.

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly

The match starts off with reversal after reversal until Cole gets the better of the exchange. O’Reilly gets a headlock that Cole can’t escape from….even through backdrops, suplexes, and the kitchen sink.  Cole finally escapes, sending O’Reilly into the barricade.  He then pie faces Christopher Daniels, who was on commentary.  Daniels retaliates, causing the DQ.

Adam Cole wins via DQ 

Cole and Kyle fight off Daniels, but Kaz makes the save. Future Shock reunites for one night and challenges Addiction. 

My Thoughts: The point of that was what?? For a main event, it did nothing but set up another match…a tag match.  And, a reunion.

Future Shock vs Addiction

Future Shock is dominates early. Addiction uses cheap tactics, as always, to gain the advantage. Cole gets the hot tag, and hits a huge suplex/neck breaker on Daniels. All four men are in the ring and Cole rolls up Daniels for the win.

Future Shock via pinfall

Sabin hits the ring and helps addiction, but Bobby Fish makes a save. Kingdom appears on the ramp, and it appears that there is no trust to be found in the building.

My Thoughts:  Fun co-main event.  Fast, energetic, engaging.  The end, with everyone coming out to try to figure out what was what and who stood with who left some mystery as to what will happen next. 

Overall Show:  As always, ROH delivers on the wrestling front.  Tonight’s show was really well rounded and highly entertaining.