NJPW WrestleKingdom 11 Results & Recap (1/4/16): What. A. Show.

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WrestleKingdom 11 is in the books, and what a show it was. Every championship in NJPW was defended on the company’s biggest show of the year, and we got to see the Ring Of Honor World Title defended, as well. There were surprises and predictability, great matches and some complete clusters, but it was 110% entertaining.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the WrestleKingdom 11 results and recap.

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NJPW Rumble (Rambo): Michael Elgin

Billy Gunn, Michael Elgin, and Cheeseburger… Those were three of the four first entrants in the Rumble, and Cheeseburger eliminated Bone Soldier. He’s my new hero. This was so much fun. I’m not even going to try to go through it entrant by entrant, elimination by elimination. We got some surprises like Kuniaki Kobayashi (who looked damn good), Hiro Saito, and Scott Norton(!!!!); we got us a NWO Japan reunion tonight. It came down to Cheeseburger and Big Mike. Of course, Big Mike won, and at least Cheeseburger survived…I think.

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Tiger Mask W vs Tiger The Dark: Tiger Mask W

Yep, this was Ibushi vs ACH. Once you got past the weird anime gimmick and the stupid masks, this was incredible. We got beautiful flippy-dippy stuff and some signature Ibushi moves like the Golden Triangle Moonsault to the outside on ACH. Tiger Mask W (Ibushi) defeated Tiger The Dark (ACH) via a Last Ride Tiger Driver. Fun, short opening bout. I was expecting it to go a bit longer, though.

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