WWE SmackDown Live Results (1/10/17): Cena Still Runs This Place

What Fell Short

American Alpha still isn’t very over and The Wyatts are the better tag team. Some people will disagree with this. But those people are wrong.

Throughout tonight’s Tag Title Match (which saw Alpha retain after more Orton-Harper miscommunication), there were numerous “bad” signs for Alpha as an act. None of their babyface stuff was getting over. In fact, for much of the match, the crowd was pro-Wyatt, specifically for Orton. I think the Wyatts should have won the titles back here, rather than move closer to breaking up (more on that later).

Bray and Randy worked the match. Randy was cheered throughout. In addition to the usual Garvin Stomp, Orton also busted out a slingshot suplex ala Tully Blanchard, so he was clearly channeling his “inner Crockett” tonight. Match was good and felt special even before starting at the top of the hour. Alpha is technically sound and we saw them succeed in NXT, but they simply have not gotten over with the SmackDown audience, which is too bad. It’s not that I am anti-American Alpha, it’s just that I think a dominant Wyatts Tag Team Title run would have been great for this brand.

That Noam Dar promo for 205Live was absolutely awful.