Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Results (3/10/17): Cole vs Daniels

Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show results 3 10 17
Photo: ROH

Happy Birthday Ring Of Honor!! Tonight, the promotion presented its 15th Anniversary Show, live from Las Vegas on PPV. Stars from ROH and NJPW stepped into the ring fight it out and celebrate the company’s birthday. In tonight’s main event, ROH World Champion Adam Cole put his title on the line against Christopher Daniels. And, we have a full recap of tonight’s big event.

Note: It was reported that Dish Network pulled the PPV from their schedule and did not air it as planned. People who had preordered were told they would receive refunds. Whether or not this was related to the Impact Wrestling cease and desist letter is unknown at this time.

Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Results

Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Results 3 10 17
Photo: ROH

Jay White defeated Kenny King.

I’ve missed seeing Jay White. He was so great as a Young Lion in NJPW, and it’s been so much fun to watch him grow and develop. Good opening bout to get the fans into the show. Jay channeled his inner Honma and hit a kokeshi on King, which was a nice touch. This was a really good match from both Jay and King. Jay managed to roll King up in a cradle for the win.

Six Man Mayhem Match
ROH Television Title Shot
Frankie Kazarian defeated Cheeseburger, Adam Page, Punishment Martinez, Silas Young, & Chris Sabin.

Crazy, chaotic match. Punishment Martinez, all 47 feet of him, moves like a tiny cruiserweight. The man did a flying flip over the top rope onto the other five competitors on the outside that was just beautiful.

He didn’t impress me during the Honor Rising shows in Japan, but he looked good in this match. Cheeseburger came out in a Hayabusa mask and what looked like my grandmother’s bathrobe, but it’s Cheeseburger; the man is endlessly entertaining. He ended up eating the pin in this one after eating Ace Of Spades from Frankie Kazarian. Really fun match.

Top Contenders Match
Jay Lethal defeated Bobby Fish.

Bobby Fish still has one of the best themes in wrestling. Kyle O’Reilly may be gone from ROH, but Bobby still has the reDRagon entrance music. Fish has to have some of the hardest kicks in wrestling today. Some of the shots he hit on Lethal hurt me. This was an insanely good match. Hardhitting, intense, and ass-kicking. I loved every minute of this. Fish went for a spinning kick, missed, and Lethal hit the Lethal Injection for the win. This was amazing. Watch it, then watch it again.

Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Results 3 10 17
Photo: ROH

ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles
The Kingdom defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys.

I don’t really think much of this new Kingdom, but Dalton Castle is a national treasure that must be protected at all costs. Honestly, the screeching of the guys in The Kingdom turned me off, but Dalton and The Boys were as entertaining as ever. This was a pretty good match, but I just can’t deal with Taven and crew. Taven hit Rock Star Supernova for the win.

TK O’Ryan did a flip out of the ring and crashed both his legs into the guard rail; he ended up being carried out. Don’t try this at home. Damn. Hopefully is isn’t too seriously injured.

ROH Television Title
Marty Scurll defeated Lio Rush.

This was a fun match. Marth Scurll is a freaking superstar. His entrance, his talent, his character; he’s just got it all. I love watching him work. Lio had his right shoulder taped up, and of course, The Villain latched onto that, working throughout the match to set up for the Chicken Wing.

Lio looked great in this one, but Marty is outlasted him. He ripped the tape off Lio’s shoulder after doing that nauseating finger breaking spot, locked in the Chicken Wing, and won handily. This was an amazing match.

The Briscoes & Bully Ray defeated War Machine & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

I have no clue why Davey Boy Smith Jr. was teaming up with War Machine. A hated Suzuki-gun guy with a fan favorite team. Didn’t make much sense. Their opponents: the crazy ass Briscoes and Bully Ray. This was what it was. Not bad, not great. War Machine was great, as usual, but Bully Ray just kind of made me tune out. After Scurll/Rush, this just kind of sucked the wind out of the show’s sails. And of course, Bully Ray got the pin for his team, hitting Rowe with the 3D for the win.

Between matches, they had to repair the ring. Somehow, it got broken in the middle.

Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Results 3 10 17
Photo: Reby Hardy Twitter

ROH Tag Team Title
Las Vegas Street Fight
The Hardys defeated Roppongi Vice & The Young Bucks.

I really wanted Matt Hardy to burn an owl in effigy sometime during this, but he didn’t. Oh well… The Young Bucks. Roppongi Vice. The Hardys. No, this didn’t suck at all. It was insane and wonderful. With all the cease and desist drama with Impact Wrestling, we didn’t get the “broken” Hardys tonight, but it really didn’t matter.

Roppongi Vice was kind of treated like an afterthought in this one; it was all about The Hardys and The Bucks. RPG Vice were just whipping boys for the most part. There were ladders, trash cans, Delete chants, Too Sweet chants…you name it, this match probably had it. Rocky even broke out a sleeve covered in thumbtacks. Then Trent brought out a bag of thumbtacks and dumped them in the ring. And, of course, Trent went front first into the tacks.

Then, Matt put them in Trent’s mouth…and Nick superkicked him in the face. Rocky ate a Meltzer Driver into the tacks. Tables and ladders came out. Blood was shed. Trent ate a swanton on a table from Jeff from the top of a ladder, and thankfully, this one was over. I don’t think Trent could have taken much more, the poor lanky noodle.

Ring Of Honor 15th Anniversary Show Results 3 10 17
Photo: Twitter

Ring Of Honor World Title
Christopher Daniels defeated Adam Cole.

Really good match from Cole and Daniels. Cole plays the cocky prick to perfection, and Daniels telling the story of this being his last chance for a title win added some much needed depth to this match. Daniels was on the first ROH PPV, and of course, he was the sentimental favorite. Daniels got superkicked face first into the ring post and was a bloody mess. Of course, Cole took advantage of that, just wearing The Fallen Angel down.

These two went all out, and it left everything in the ring, though. Cole was great, Daniels was great, and the story was great. Even the blood added to it. My problem came with the obligatory ref bump, Bullet Club interference, and shenanigans. It was a great match up to this point. Then it got good, because Kazarian ripped off the Bullet Club shirt, revealed the Christopher Daniels Destiny shirt, and Daniels hit Cole with three moonsaults to win the match and the ROH World Title. Nice swerve, ROH. Bringing out the original ROH World Title was a nice touch, too. Everyone came out to celebrate with Daniels to end the show.