WWE 205 Live Results (5/16/17): Austin Aries vs TJP Headlines

Source: WWE.com

It’s Tuesday so that means it is 205 Live time. This week’s episode was built around the main event, which was Austin Aries vs. TJP. Neville has convinced TJP that if he can take out Aries before their match at Extreme Rules, he will get a title shot. TJP attacked Austin Aries after a match on Monday Night Raw, injuring his knee and looked to use tonight’s match to finish the job. Was he successful? Let’s get into the results and find out.

What Went Down

The show kicked off with a backstage interview with Austin Aries. He said that Neville was a liar and that he would never give TJP a title match. He also basically said whether his knees were injured or not, he was a level above TJP.

Noam Dar vs. Gran Metalik

The first thing of note about this match is that they actually put Metalik on the show, which is a positive. Metalik made this a very fun match to watch early on. He started off with some cool lucha and hit a springboard moonsault from the apron to the floor.

A distraction from Alicia Fox, who was at ringside, gave Noam Dar control. Dar began to work over Metalik’s arm. Metalik hit a rope walk elbow drop with his good arm for a near fall. Metalik tried to do more rope walking but was knocked down and hit with a Running Enziguri by Dar for the win. Normally in this situation I would complain about Metalik losing, however I was just excited to see him on the show so I’m not too concerned about it.

They recapped what happened in last week’s main event between The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa and announced a street fight between the two for next week.

Kendrick was interviewed backstage about the street fight. He said that this match suits his plans to a T because anything and everything was legal and his creativity will allow him to use this to his advantage.

A video package aired alerting us that Cedric Alexander would be returning next week.

Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali.

I was about to complain about them doing this matchup seemingly every week, but Drew Gulak attacked Mustafa Ali on his way to the ring so the match never happened.

Rich Swann was interviewed backstage. He was beginning to talk about how he wants to get away from Noam Dar and Alicia Fox when a delivery man showed up with a package for him. He redirected the man to Ariya Daivari and said that he was Rich Swann. Daivari said the box must be his new pair of $2500 Persian sunglasses, but then almost immediately after said “wait these aren’t my sunglasses” and put the box down. Jack Gallagher tried to take the box but Daivari stopped him and told him to put it down. Daivari then opened it and powder exploded all over him.

Austin Aries vs TJP

This was a good match. The storyline going into this match was that Aries had sustained a knee injury on Monday Night RAW as result of an attack from TJP. Because of that, whenever TJP was in control he was attacking Aries injured knee. This didn’t stop Aries from hitting most of his usual moves, but after every move he would go back to selling the knee.  The finish of the match came when TJP had the kneebar locked in. He held onto the ropes to stop Aries from crawling to the other side of the ring to break the hold.

The referee forced TJP to break the hold, so he went for the Detonation Kick. Aries countered it into the Last Chancery for the submission victory. Neville jumped Aries after the bell, but Jack Gallagher made the save as the show went off the air.

Overall, this week’s episode was pretty easy to watch. Seeing Gran Metalik was a nice change of pace since he is rarely on the show, and the main event was a solid match but not anything that people will remember a week from now.

WWE 205 Live Results

Noam Dar def. Gran Metalik.

Austin Aries def. TJP.