NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV Night 1 Results (5/17/17): It Begins!!

NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV results 5 17 17

Photo: NJPW

It’s time!! NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV tournament kicked off this morning on NJPW World, and the show was free to everyone, subscription to World or not. Today’s show from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo was all tournament matches as both A Block and B Block had four tourney matches each.

In the main event, we saw IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi take on Dragon Lee, and this really was an attempted murder on both sides on live television. Really, really good.

NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV Night 1 Results

NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV Results 5 17 17

Photo: NJPW

A Block Tournament Match
TAKA Michinoku defeated Jushin “Thunder” Liger.

Kind of surprised with this one. Out of all the matches, I really expected Liger to win his first one. Good opener, though. The crowd was hot for it, and we got chairs, submissions, and near falls. TAKA got a surprise roll up for the win.

B Block Tournament Match
Volador Jr. defeated Tiger Mask.

No surprise here. Fully expected Volador Jr. to win his first match, especially over Tiger Mask, coming out of the gate hot.

These two work well together always; they have really good chemistry together. Volaor Jr. hit the Spanish Fly for the win.

A Block Tournament Match
Ricochet defeated Taichi.

Ugh. Taichi. I can’t stand this guy on normal shows, and BOSJ is no different. At least he kept his pants on for the majority of the match. As always, Taichi utilized stall tactics, Miho’s presence, and just general BS to keep from getting his rear kicked too much, but Ricochet soon had enough.

Ricochet looked really good in this one. Taichi managed to get a bit of offense in, but this was really a showcase for Ricochet’s actual talent. He hit the Benadryller and the Shooting Star Press for the win.

NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV Results 5 17 17

Photo: NJPW

B Block Tournament Match 
ACH defeated BUSHI.

This was better than I thought. I wasn’t sure how well these two would mesh, but aside from a few clunky spots, it turned out ok. ACH seemed to take well to the Japanese crowd, who were firmly behind him, and he used his power to offset BUSHI’s speed…to a degree. Both men looked really good in the match, and despite it looking like BUSHI would pick up the win, ACH countered the MX and hit a Michinoku Driver for the win.

B Block Tournament Match
El Desperado defeated KUSHIDA.

Whoever made the executive decision to put Goto on commentary for the first night of NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors ought to be fired. He about bored me back to sleep. And, I was looking forward to this match. I wanted to see if they’d let Depsy off the leash for his tournament matches, and they did…to an extent. He wasn’t full on crazy, but he was close.

Decent enough match but having the ref bump so that Despy could grab the ROH World Television Title for shenanigans just wasn’t necessary. Yes, I know it’s a SZKG thing, NJPW normally tries to keep tourney matches clean. Due to the use of the title belt and the ref being out during KUSHIDA having Despy locked in the Hoverboard Lock, Despy managed to pull out the win in this one. Hopefully, he’s a bit more insane in his next match and a bit less dependent on outside objects.

A Block Tournament Match
Marty Scurll defeated Will Ospreay.

I was really interested to see how the NJPW fans reacted to their first taste of The Villain, and they liked him!!! They knew who he was, did the “Woop Woop” chant during his theme, and he got a good pop on his way out to the ring in full plague doctor gear. I was so happy!! They were even chanting for him over Will. It was great.

This was a great match, the crowd was into it all the way, and I am not surprised. Marty and Will have been fighting for years, and now, they have moved their rivalry to Japan. Great action, great story-telling from both (as usual), and a great start for Marty in his first NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors tournament. Hell, Will even did a Randy Orton impersonation during the match (and if you’ve been following social media you know what that’s all about).

This had everything. Flips, dives, submissions, kicks, great wrestling, and Marty’s finger breaking spot that makes me cringe every time. Scurll managed to counter a spring Oscutter into the chicken wing for the submission win. After the match, even the announcers were doing the “Woop Woop”. Match of the night up to this point.

B Block Tournament Match
Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Yoshinobu Kanemaru.

This was kind of a filler match. I wasn’t impressed, and I actually like Taguchi these days. But, after Will & Marty, nothing but the main event was going to live up.

Decent enough bout with TAKA’s attempt at interference backfiring and allowing Taguchi to roll up Kanemaru for the win.

A Block Tournament Match
Dragon Lee defeated Hiromu Takahashi.

Time for attempted murder. These two have been trying to kill each other in their matches for years, and this one was no different. They didn’t take it easy on each other at all. Night one, and they were flying, flipping, and dropping each other as scary speeds and intensity from the apron to the floor. And, that was just within the first 2 minutes of the match.

Then, it slowed down an itty-bitty bit. Which is good; these guys have two and a half more weeks of NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors to live through. Beautifully worked bout, just like every single one they’ve had over the past couple of years. Their chemistry is insane, and they channel it into crazy matches that would probably kill lesser men. And, shockingly enough, Dragon Lee won this one. Great match.

Overall Show: Great opening night for this year’s NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors tournament. The crowd was hot, and after Marty had his match, they kept the “Woop Woop” going sporadically until the end of the show. Today set a great tone for the rest of the tournament, and tomorrow’s show should be just a good….

And, here are the standings after Night One of NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV: