WWE NXT Results (6/14/17): No One Is Ready For Asuka

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Last week on NXT, A LOT happened. Peyton Royce & Heavy Machinery both picked up wins, while Bobby Roode cut a ferocious promo on his newest challenger, Roderick Strong. Killian Dain beat No Way Jose and Hideo Itami broke bad and almost put poor Oney Lorcan to sleep permanently.

This week was headlined by a triple threat match for the NXT Women’s title, plus Drew McIntyre, The Velveteen Dream, and The Authors of Pain were all in action. Let’s get to the recap!

Best Moment

Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riot was a solid match at TakeOver Chicago that I think got overshadowed because it went on right after the UK title match. They were given a rematch of sorts tonight, with the only difference being that tonight’s match was a triple threat elimination bout. While the production and announce teams did a good job of hyping up Asuka’s undefeated title streak, they’re not going to have her get beaten for the title on a random NXT. That didn’t take away from the match though, because these three work well together and they all work extremely hard.

The first elimination was Ruby Riot via a vicious spinning neck breaker from Nikki Cross. I really want to see more of these two, and if Asuka is going to fall back into Ember Moon then Cross and Riot should absolutely get a one on one feud. When it came down to Asuka and Cross, the match quickly turned into a brawl. They started in the ring but made their way outside the ring and eventually outside Full Sail. The match was ruled a no decision, which was a little confusing because triple threat matches are no DQ/no count-outs. If the ref just waited another 10 minutes he probably could’ve gotten a decision, but alas, we got a no contest.

Asuka and Cross continued to brawl even after the match was thrown out, and the show ended on a great spot. They brawled to the tech area of Full Sail, and Nikki Cross ended up (cross) bodying Asuka through a table. What makes Asuka so great is that she can match whatever style her opponent brings. Tonight it was Nikki Cross and her unpredictable aggressiveness, and Asuka went shot for shot until she was finally put through the table. Nikki Cross looked like a true threat tonight, but Asuka is still the champ.