NJPW G1 Climax 27 Results (7/17/17): A Block Kicks The Tournament Off

NJPW G1 Climax 27 results 7 17 17
Photo: NJPW

The NJPW G1 Climax 27 tournament finally kicked off today, and all the waiting is over. For the next month, we will be treated to the best professional wrestling has to offer, and I couldn’t be happer. If I wasn’t sick as a dog, I’d be doing my happy dance; G1 season is my favorite time of year.

In today’s main event, two of the best in A Block, Testuya Naito and Kota Ibushi, picked up their feud of old. Elsewhere on the card, it was a night of stable and faction matches. CHAOS vs CHAOS, LIJ vs LIJ….and Bullet Club vs Suzuki-gun.

NJPW G1 Climax 27 Day One Results

Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Satoshi Kojima, & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated David Finlay, Juice Robinson, & Michael Elgin.

If someone doesn’t introduce David to spray tan, I’ll personally send him a box of it; the boy is so pale, he glows. Fun multi-man opener that the crowd was hot for. Juice & Cozy face off in the B Block opener on Thursday, so that was a theme in this one.

After seeing them interact in this match, I must say, I am looking a bit forward to their tourney bout. Cozy got the pin on Finlay in this one after a lariat, which is no surprise. Poor David ends up looking at the lights more often than not.

NJPW G1 Climax 27 results 7 17 17
Photo: NJPW

El Desperado, Taichi, & Minoru Suzuki defeated Chase Owens, Tama Tonga, & Kenny Omega.

This one was all about teasing MiSu and Kenny for B Block’s opening night on Thursday. B Block opener’s sub-title should be “Please Don’t Kill Kenny”. MiSu started this match out trying to do just that. This one got wild fast, with MiSu and Kenny fighting against a wall in the back of the building. If this was any indication of what Thursday holds, it’s going to crazy insane and amazing. Another great multi-man, and of course, MiSu hit Chase Owens with a Gotch Style piledriver for the win; no one else on the Bullet Club team was going to end their night looking at the lights. MiSu attacked Kenny on the ramp after the match, fighting him into the back, and probably, they’re gonna be beating on each other until Thursday.

EVIL & Hiromu Takahashi (with Daryl) defeated SANADA & BUSHI.

I hate when families fight. This was sad and spectacular. I was kinda waiting for Naito to come out and smack his unruly children around for all the in-fighting, but it wasn’t to be. I just sat back and enjoyed this one.

It was so good. EVIL and SANADA meet up on Thursday night, and they wasted no time in trying to rip each other apart tonight. This was not a respectful fight, and EVIL got the win for his team after locking BUSHI in the Banshee Muzzle. After the match was over, the boys bumped fists, keeping the family together…thankfully.

Toru Yano & Jado defeated Kazuchika Okada & Gedo.

One day, Okada will realize he looks ridiculous with gray hair. He and Yano meet Thursday night, so this one was all about getting the champ ready to lose to NJPW’s sublime master thief on B Block’s opening night.

Oh, and Jado and Gedo beat the hell out of each other, as well; that was kind of fun to watch. Fun little match pitting CHAOS against CHAOS, and Okada against NJPW’s true Ace. Yano got the pin on Gedo after hitting a double low blow on him and Okada. Hahahahahaha….

G1 Climax 27 A Block Tournament Match
YOSHI-HASHI defeated Yuji Nagata.

This was one of the tournament matches that I was oddly looking forward to. On paper, it doesn’t sound like much, but after seeing these two interact in a tag match a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see a singles match. And, this one didn’t disappoint. Nagata can still go with the best of them, and Tacos brings it in singles bouts; he’s so much more aggressive.

These two ended up in a slug fest, slapping the sweat off each other. It was great. This is Nagata’s final G1, so I am expecting him to be at his best for the tournament matches. I loved everything about this match, from Demon Nagata coming out to neither man giving in to the other’s finisher.

YOSHI-HASHI got the win in this one after hitting Nagata with Karma, but damn, he had to fight like hell for it.

NJPW G1 Climax 27 results 7 17 17
Photo: NJPW

G1 Climax 27 A Block Tournament Match
Bad Luck Fale defeated Togi Makabe.

This sure as hell was not a technical masterpiece, but at least NJPW got it over with on night one. It was a fight, most of which took place out of the ring to begin with. I’ll be perfectly honest and say this match did nothing for me, and it certainly didn’t keep my attention. Not every match in the G1 can be a work of art, folks, but I guess this served some sort of purpose. And, maybe one day, I’ll figure out what that purpose is. Fale won this one after Makabe went for a King Kong Knee, missed, and Fale hit him with a Grenade.

G1 Climax 27 A Block Tournament Match
Hirooki Goto defeated Tomohiro Ishii.

This was great. I was so ready for Goto to die. No one inspires my utter indifference like that man, and when he is in there with my favorite demonic teddy bear, you know I am wanting brutality visited upon him. It was as hard-hitting as you’d expect; these two just wailed on each other, and the no-selling was flawless.

This was just so damn good. Ishii is one of the most under-appreciated wrestlers today, and Goto, even though I don’t care for him, has moments of sheer outstanding greatness. I love a good “big guy” hoss fight, and this fit that description.

These two beat each other damn near to death, and Goto pulled out the win after hitting Ishii with the GTR. And, even though I am pissed at the outcome, I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful brutality of the match.

G1 Climax 27 A Block Tournament Match
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Tana came out with no ponytail for me to mock tonight, and I was more than a bit disappointed. All I could hope for was that Zack would turn him into a pretzel…a floofy haired pretzel. It was more than a little entertaining to watch ZSJ just completely out-wrestle Tana to kick this one off. And, watching him try to rip Tana’s arm off just tickled my little black heart.

He was just working circles around Tana for the longest time until Tana focused on taking out Zack’s leg, setting him up for the Texas Cloverleaf. This match was a real clash of styles, but it worked really well. Tana having an obviously “bad” arm going in helped a lot; ZSJ is all about the submission wrestling, and Tana was the perfect first tournament opponent for him. Zack blocked two HFFs, twisted Tana up like Gumby, and Tana had to quit or lose his arm. Yes, Tana submitted. I fully expected Zack to win, but I never expected Tana to give up. Wicked good match…with the emphasis on wicked.

G1 Climax 27 A Block Tournament Match
Tetsuya Naito defeated Kota Ibushi.

I was so ready for this match. These two has some amazing bouts in the past, and I was ready to see that magic rekindled. I pretty much expect the winner of this match to win A Block, and I am ok with it being either man at this point. The crowd was split down the middle once the match started and dueling chants for both men broke out throughout the match. And, the theme of this match could have been “Let’s Break Ibushi’s Neck The First Night”. Crazy boy took a neck breaker on the ring apron. He tries to do it in every match, but still!!! We’d like to see him live to see the end of the tournament.

This was a beautifully worked match. These two have amazing chemistry, and they made magic (again) tonight. Naito has become a master at picking a body part to focus on during a match and tearing at it like a dog with a bone. Then, there’s Ibushi who is just crazy enough to do any and everything with reckless disregard to his health and well-being (especially that of his poor, abused neck).

Let’s see. Ibushi used Naito as a lawn dart and hit him with a piledriver off the top rope. Naito planted Ibushi with DDT’s and nasty suplexes. These two were trying to kill each other…or at lease send each other out on stretchers. A slug fest ensued, and Ibushi kicked out of Naito’s Destino. But, the second one, just a few moments later, finally ended Ibushi. If you want to see a fight and a work of art, watch this match. It was gorgeous. After this match, I am not sure either of these guys is fully human.