WWE RAW Results (8/7/17): Intense Last Man Standing Match For Reigns, Strowman

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WWE Monday Night RAW has returned to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or as Jerry “The King” Lawler often referred to as “Bizarro World.” In a change to what recent standard, MizTV did not open the second hour but instead opened the first hour. With Maryse and The Miztourage, The Miz wanted Jason Jordan but instead RAW General Manager Kurt Angle introduced a special guest for MizTV. Since the WWE was in Canada, I thought perhaps Bret Hart but instead we were given a very relevant name: WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar, with Paul Heyman, received a tremendous pop. Miz, as I mentioned last week, carried himself on the mic and the entire segment very well. Heyman was once again brilliant on the microphone and kept it simple by mentioning roleplaying. Fittingly there were three male superstars also in the ring – Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel – and Heyman described each one to represent Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponents – Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman. Lesnar’s role remained the same: He’s Brock Lesnar and he attacked everyone in the ring.

The opening segment lasted 12 minutes and it kept the Toronto crowd engaged. Unfortunately it was the only segment of the show to feature Lesnar. It would be a nice to see Lesnar engaged in more than one segment.

Standout Star(s)

Braun Strowman & Roman Reigns

It was another week where there wasn’t a clear standout performer, but based on the physical and entertaining action, the standout stars were Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns for their Last Man Standing Match. You have to give Strowman credit in delivering another entertaining match given he’s still very new in the professional wrestling industry. Reigns also provided a good fight and was involved in spots that you should give him credit for receiving, such as the flying leather chair shot.

It was a match that I wasn’t sure who would win but the finish was excellently done. During the show, where was Samoa Joe? He was saved for the main event. He put Reigns to sleep for the 10 count

What Was Best

No Ambrose For Rollins

For the second consecutive week, Seth Rollins and Sheamus had another one-on-one match with Cesaro at ringside. Last week, Rollins rolled up Sheamus for the pin but was immediately attached by the RAW Tag Team Champions until Dean Ambrose made the brief save, however, Cesaro and Sheamus would have the upperhand against Ambrose as well. Tonight, Sheamus rolled up Rollins for the pinfall victory following a decent back-and-forth match. Rollins suicide dove onto Sheamus and Cesaro but the odds weren’t in the former Shield member’s favor. Cesaro and Sheamus had the upper hand again and were actually waiting for Ambrose to surface. Ambrose did not appear.

After a commercial break, Rollins found Ambrose and asked what he needs to do to regain Ambrose’s trust. Ambrose said he’s done it alone and will continue to do it alone when he fights Cesaro later in the show.

Surprisingly, Ambrose vs. Cesaro did not start at the top of the third hour, but nearly 20 minutes prior. This match was better than Rollins vs. Sheamus from over an hour ago, and probably one of the better Ambrose matches in quite some time. Cesaro used the Sharpshooter, which attracted a decent reaction from the Toronto crowd although not as loud as it should’ve been, but Ambrose reached the ropes to end the submission.

And just like we’ve seen with the two Rollins vs. Sheamus match, the match ends with a roll-up pin as Ambrose defeated Cesaro. Unlike earlier, Rollins did make the save for Ambrose. Cesaro and Sheamus retreated while the Air Canada Centre “Yes!” chanted for Ambrose to finally make peace with Rollins. Ambrose finally put his fist forward to symbolize he’s made peace with Rollins, however, in a plot twist, Rollins exited the ring.

Emma Got Her Chance (Almost)

With Bayley’s separated shoulder and removal from the RAW Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam, two triple threat matches were announced to determine the new No. 1 contender for Alexa Bliss’s title. The first match was Alicia Fox vs. Emma vs. Sasha Banks. Emma, who spent several weeks wanting an opportunity, finally got one as she received the best pop among the competitors in the first triple threat match.

The fans were heard chanting for Emma and booed the referee for a sloppy pin count that almost gave her the victory. Unfortunately for Emma’s fans, Banks won via submission when Emma tapped to the Bank Statement. Banks, therefore, advanced to next Monday’s one-on-one match against the winner of the second triple threat match.

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