WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/12/17): The Boss Is Back

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Welcome to the latest edition of WWE SmackDown Live, the show that’s important enough for Vince McMahon to pop in on for the first time since 2013!

If you missed last week’s show, Kevin Owens was able to antagonize Shane McMahon enough to get Shane to attack him and subsequently get suspended, hence Vince’s presence on tonight’s show. Carmella and James Ellsworth transitioned their relationship to some kind of pseudo-S&M level where they kiss before Carmella belts him in the face. Dolph Ziggler is repacking himself as the least likable person on the planet (and not in a good way). Baron Corbin cheated to beat Tye Dillinger in order to set up a feud between Corbin and someone way better than Tye Dillinger. Sami Zayn lost to Aiden English again, and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Randy Orton to become the number one contender for Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship. The show was probably a little bit better than I just made it sound.

We’re looking at a loaded card for tonight’s show, and if you include the finals of the Mae Young Classic tournament taking place afterwards, a loaded night for WWE. With SmackDown coming to Las Vegas and some time before we get to the next PPV, they pulled out all the stops for this one. Let’s do a quick rundown of what we knew going into Tuesday night:

  • Vinnie Mac is in the house! As stated earlier, McMahon will be in Las Vegas after he made the call to suspend Shane last week, presumably to address the situation between his son and Kevin Owens. It’s his first visit to the Blue Brand in four years, and regardless of how big of a part he’d play, having him in the building automatically makes things feel like a much bigger deal.
  • A.J. Styles would defend the U.S. Title against Tye Dillinger, who was defeated by Baron Corbin last week after some underhanded tactics. Styles being Styles however, offered Dillinger a shot at the championship anyway. Going in, I figured it would be a solid match that would inevitably be ruined by Baron Corbin. Because Baron Corbin ruins lots of things.
  • Naomi would get her Women’s Championship rematch against Natalya after losing the title at Summerslam.
  • The Usos defend their Tag Team Championships in another match with The New Day, this time in a “Sin City Street Fight.” It’s a match-up we’ve gotten a few times as of late, but these teams have had a few great matches during their program, and I won’t complain about getting to see another one.

What titles would change hands tonight? How big of a role will Vince McMahon have? Will any of my recap be coherent given that my body can’t handle temperature change and I’m writing this while all hopped up on cold medicine? Read on to find out!

The show opens with Kevin Owens, because that’s how episodes of SmackDown Live are meant to open. Owens says that because Shane attacked him last night, he plans on suing “everybody in WWE,” which is a pretty bold move. He then goes into how he’ll change the show after he owns it, which includes firing Sami Zayn, cancelling ‘Fashion Files,’ and forcing Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips to wear the same suit (to clarify, as Owens did, they’re not wearing matching suits, it’s two dudes in one suit).

Owens calls out Vince, but Shane’s music plays. It’s not Shane though, it’s Dolph Ziggler doing Shane’s entrance. He goes away shortly after (no really, that’s it). This is followed by Daniel Bryan coming out, as they continue to make us wait for the Vince appearance. The segment quickly wraps up with Bryan saying Vince will be hear later, and Owens telling him that he won’t like what he has to say. Outside of getting the image of Phillips and Saxton simultaneously wearing the same suit, it wasn’t the strongest opening segment.

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