NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling 2017 Results (10/9/17): Revenge, Returns, & Rainmakers

NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling Results 10 9 17
Photo: TRP

NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling is in the books. The showed aired live on NJPW World this morning, and we were able to see all of the fallout from this year’s G1 Climax tournament, four championship matches, and a main event pitting IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada against EVIL.

NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling 2017 Results

Hiromu Takahashi, SANADA, & BUSHI defeated Leo Tonga, Yujiro Takahashi, & Bad Luck Fale.

Daryl returned from his sabbatical and surprise wedding in Europe for this one. He needed his vengance against Bad Luck Fale, who tried to kill our favorite kitty during the G1.

Not the greatest of matches, but Daryl did distract Fale long enough for BUSHI to mist him and roll him up to get the win. Revenge is a dish best served with a side of octopus ink, I guess.

Hirooki Goto and Toru Yano defeated Zack Sabre Jr. and Minoru Suzuki via countout.

Yano continues to be the one thing that MiSu cannot overcome. He is MiSu’s kryptonite in every sense of the word.

Yano got the win in this one…and then he stole the NEVER Openweight Title from MiSu and ran off with it. This might not be Yano’s best idea, especially since MiSu will now kill him.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
Roppongi 3K defeated Ricochet & Ryusuke Taguchi.

My crystal ball was right. The debuting team under Rocky Romero’s “coaching” was the returning Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu. It was good to see these two return from their excursion and come home.

And, with them came a great match. I didn’t expect anything less. It’s nice to have some fresh blood in the Junior Tag Team Division. It’s desperately needed, and it will be fun to see how these two former Young Lions do on the main roster from here on out.

NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling 2017 Results 10 9 17
Photo: NJPW

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
Killer Elite Squad defeated The Guerrillas Of Destiny & War Machine.

This was the fourth time we have seen this match in the past month. The only difference today was that it was an Elimination Match. That didn’t make it much different at all, especially since the elimination came basically at the end of the damn match.

The match was good, not gonna lie. And, I guess KES retaining is the right move. Unlike War Machine, they don’t have that many dates outside of Japan and can devote their energies to NJPW. At least GoD didn’t win the belts today; that would have been a big mistake after their last failed runs. Hanson ate the pin in this one after taking a Killer Bomb through a table.

Marty Scurll, Cody, & Kenny Omega defeated Jado, Beretta, & YOSHI-HASHI.

Can Marty just move to Japan and work with Kenny all the time? They have such great chemistry, and together, they make having Cody around bearable. Although, in this one, nothing could make YOSHI-HASHI’s hair bearable. It’s mauve now. MAUVE!! The boy needs to stay out of Okada’s hair dye.

This was a fun match, with Beretta flying around like the “heavyweight” he is now and the usual Bullet Club antics. Marty is always a hoot in NJPW, and I wish he was around more in the Junior Heavyweight scene. But, this one was all about setting up Tacos and Kenny’s IWGP US Title match in ROH on Sunday. It should be a great match, though I doubt that Tacos has a tiny chance in hell of winning. Marty tapped Jado out with the Chicken Wing to win this one for his team.

At the end of intermission, we got another Switchblade video, and he is coming on 11-5-17, which is the date for Power Struggle. I am still hoping it’s Jay White, and if it is Sami Callihan, I might throw my television out the window.

Juice Robinson & Kota Ibushi defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Togi Makabe.

Tana has to do something about his two-toned hair. It’s a bad look, and he needs to either get a wig or get that weave back, pronto. He looks like a soccer mom fighting her unrepentant son when he’s in there with Ibushi.

Tana and Ibushi will more than likely meet up at Power Struggle next month for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, so this was a nice set-up for that. I’m sure we will see more on the house shows leading up to the match, but these two had some good interactions in this match. It was kind of odd seeing Juice pin Makabe in this one, but good on him.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
Will Ospreay defeated KUSHIDA.

Will came out dressed up like Spiderman, mask and all. New gear, new music…I was betting, just from those, that he was winning this one. This one started with fists and fury, and it didn’t slow down one bit.

Flippy-dippy shit galore in this match, and it was great. We got the more vicious KUSHIDA and the more serious Will, so it was incredible. How these two kept up the frenetic pace in this one, I’ll never know, but I am pretty sure both of them will be walking funny tomorrow. It was craziness at the end, but Will hit the Springboard Oscutter for the win. Amazing match from these two, and while I am not Will’s biggest fan, I am glad he won. The title just seems lost when KUSHIDA has it, and at least now, we get to see a program with Will and Hiromu, who showed up after the match.

Then, Marty Scurll showed up, snapped Hiromu’s fingers, and said he wanted the title (poor Hiromu can’t challenge anyone for a title without one of these Brits showing up to take him out). So, from all of this, I am guessing we are getting a three-way program? Maybe? I am good with whatever direction they go with this as long as I get to see one of these guys kick Will’s ass.

G1 Tokyo Dome Main Event Match
Tetsuya Naito defeated Tomohiro Ishii.

I was under no illusion that Ishii was winning this one, and all I wanted was an incredible match between these two. And, I got it…even though it took Naito 84 years to get to the ring and get undressed. And with BUSHI and Yano at ringside on commentary, I was on the lookout for some sort of craziness to happen.

Naito picked his body part to isolate and work on early on in this one with a drop kick to Ishii’s right knee. Ishii, on the other hand, just wailed away on whatever body part of Naito’s was handy. This was such a great match, whether it was Naito switching focus between Ishii’s knee and neck or Ishii getting angry and just trying to destroy Naito’s whole body. Ishii is so damn underrated; the man can put on an incredible match with just about anyone.

Naito went back to the knee in the closing stretch, but that didn’t stop Ishii. He kicked out of Gloria, got Naito up for a Brainbuster, but Naito reversed it into a Destino. Naito kicked out of a Brainbuster, only to eat a nasty lariat from Ishii. Naito finally was able to nail Ishii with a full-on Destino for the win. A little sloppy at the end, but an amazing match from these two.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Kazuchika Okada defeated EVIL.

The main event had a lot to live up to. This show had some amazing matches up to this point, so Okada and EVIL were going to have to go all out. And, if the video package preceding the match was any indication, they were going to do just that. Plus, EVIL’s entrance consisted of him being carried out on a throne. By minions. And green lasers everywhere. It was great.

I will readily admit that Okada is a great wrestler, but you always seem to know what you are going to get from him. He rarely goes outside of his comfort zone unless someone forces him. This started with Okada firmly in the box: very methodical, very even paced. Then, things spilled outside, and EVIL broke out the chairs. That’s always fun. The focus was then on Okada’s neck, which if we all remember correctly, was all taped up after the G1 (subtle continuity in storytelling is always wonderful).

These two fought in and out of the ring, swapping offense, throwing chairs, jumping over guardrails. You know, just the usual championship match fare. We, of course, got the obligatory ref bump; Red Shoes can’t seem to go unscathed in the man events these days. And with him out of the picture, all sorts of chairs entered the fray. But, that backfired on EVIL, and Okada used them to his advantage.

Okada getting booed in the closing stretch was interesting. I mean, he deserved it; he was acting like an obnoxious ass. Plus, it gave EVIL time to recover. EVIL went back to working on Okada’s neck, but Okada was able to recover, reversing a STO attempt into a Rainmaker. He hit another, then went for one more, but EVIL blocked it, and Okada nailed him with a Tombstone Piledriver and then the Rainmaker for the win.

Good, intense, hard-hitting match from these two, and we saw Okada unravel just a bit more. It takes more out of him and from him each defense to keep the title, and that’s been the underlying story for the past umpteen months. I have a feeling we will see his complete downfall at WrestleKingdom…if not before.

Gedo and Okada called Naito out after the match was over, and needless to say, the fans were behind Naito, not Okada. Unless something completely out of left field happens, these two will meet up at The Dome for the title at WrestleKingdom. Should be epic.