RevPro Global Wars UK Results (11/9/17): Ishii & Keith Lee Tear The House Down

RevPro Global Wars UK results 11 9 17
Photo: RevPro

RevPro is in the middle of teaming up with NJPW for a two-day tour in the UK, aptly called RevPro Global Wars UK. A few times a year, these two promotions get together and bring us amazing action between some of the best talent in the UK and some of NJPW’s finest. Night one of this year’s event was no exception. These are some of my favorite shows of the year, and you can catch all of the action on RevPro On Demand.

Josh Bodom, Ryan Smile, and BUSHI opened the show with an incredible Triple Threat for the British Cruiserweight Title. Bodom and Smile are two of the best in RevPro today, and BUSHI deserves a hell of a lot better than he gets from NJPW these days. BUSHI misted Bodom, and Smile took advantage, getting the pin and becoming the new RevPro British Cruiserweight Champion.

Up next was Lord Gideon Grey & Chief Deputy Dunne taking on Toru Yano & Gedo. Grey is one of my favorites in RevPro and just knowing he and Yano were going to be in the same ring was enough to make me want to see this show. Yano even brought a present.

And, Lord Grey returned the favor. It was watching masters of evil shenanigans trying to one up each other. It was great.

Of course, this was not the best match on the show, but it was so much fun. If you can’t enjoy a good comedy fight, then you take yourself and the world a bit too seriously. Yano, of course, got the double low blow and pinned Grey for the win. It was glorious.

Despy and Matt Riddle put on a rather interesting bout. These two aren’t all that well matched in styles, but this was pretty good for what it was.

El Desperado is so low-key good; I wish NJPW used their juniors in singles matches instead of constantly having them in some sort of tag match. Despy more than held his own with Bro and looked great in this match. But, he fell victim to a rear naked choke and had to tap out.

Marty Scurll and Naito put on a great match. This isn’t a match you’d see anywhere else, since juniors and heavyweights don’t mix in NJPW unless it’s in a singles match. Of course, Naito couldn’t help but mock The Villain a bit before things really got started.

This was a really good match from these two. The ref bump towards the end didn’t hurt a thing (Chris Roberts probably deserved it), even though it allowed Marty to nail Naito with the umbrella and get a near fall. BUSHI came out to interfere, and Marty tried to get a cheap win with his feet on the rope. That didn’t work, and in the end, Naito overcame the shenanigans and hit the Destino for the win. Really, really great match.

Zack Gibson and Nagata was up next, and I couldn’t hear a word Gibson said in his pre-match promo due to the massive boos. This is exactly how it should be. Forever. Really solid match between these two, and Ornery Uncle Nagata was not in the mood for Gibson’s shit. Gibson is a good worker, but as the great heel he is in most of the promotions he works in, I just want to see him get his ass kicked constantly. Good back and forth action with Nagata winning with the Backdrop Hold.

CCK put on a very entertaining bout with Rocky Romero and YOSHI-HASHI. Best Boys are always great, and Kid Lykos is always a joy to see lurking around at ringside. Plus, Rocky & Tacos are just a fun team.

Chris Brookes has to stop this gross, slimy spitty finger in the ear spot. It’s just nasty; poor Tacos doesn’t deserve that. Travis Banks just gets better and better with each match; the man’s not fully human, he can’t be. He got the win for CCK with the Kiwi Crusher to Rocky. Fun match..except for the spit. Ew.

The best match of the show was Tomohiro Ishii facing Keith Lee; this should have been the main event. To say I was excited for this match is an understatement. Keith Lee has quickly become one of my favorite US indie wrestlers over the past year, and if you know me, you know my adoration for Ishii knows no bounds. This started off as just two big old boys beating on each other, and it was beautiful.

The chops in this match hurt me. These two hit each other pretty much as hard as humanly possible, with Ishii deciding that his head made a good offensive weapon more than once (and, in all honesty, it’s a pretty hard head). Ishii lived up to his Pitbull moniker during this one.

This was just so good. It’s not often you see either of these men get manhandled, but they did it to each other in this match. They beat the hell out of each other, then did it some more. This match is getting added to my best matches list for this year. Ishii has had one hell of a year; his matches with Kenny Omega, Naito, Ibushi, Matt Riddle, Shibata, and now Keith Lee have all been so damn great. He’s so underrated, but damn, he’s one of the best. Keith Lee is a badass, and after this match, I am begging NJPW to invite him to be in the G1 next year. Holy hell, what a fight.

The agility of Keith Lee shined through in this one, but Ishii was just too damn tough and resilient. He hit Keith with a Brainbuster for the win in this one. Watch this match. Get RevPro On Demand and watch this damn match. It is more than worth the monthly subscription fee.

SZKG vs CHAOS topped the card, with MiSu and ZSJ taking on Goto and Ospreay. Will and Zack will face off on Night 2 for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship, and I am 99.9% sure we are getting Goto and MiSu at WrestleKingdom 12 for the NEVER Openweight Title. And, Despy was at ringside to support his new bestie ZSJ and run roughshod for MiSu as always.

Good tag match, and personally, I loved seeing MiSu just pummel Will. It tickled me. Seeing Zack and MiSu team up to turn Will into a pretzel and rip his joints apart was pretty fun, too. Of course, there were SZKG antics, but a lot less than normal because Despy was the only one on the outside. Ospreay got the hard-fought pin on ZSG in this one, leading into their title match on night two.

RevPro Global Wars UK Results

Ryan Smile defeated Josh Bodom & BUSHI to win the RevPro British Cruiserweight Title.

Gedo & Toru Yano defeated Lord Gideon Grey & Chief Deputy Dunne.

Matt Riddle defeated El Desperado.

Tetsuya Naito defeated Marty Scurll.

Yuji Nagata defeated Zack Gibson.

CCK defeated Rocky Romero and YOSHI-HASHI.

Will Ospreay and Hirooki Goto defeated Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr.