Atsushi Onita Retirement Show Results & Review (10/31/17)

Atsushi Onita retirement show
Photo: Onita Pro

I believe this is Atsushi Onita’s 7th retirement from professional wrestling after making his debut on April 14,1974; he first retired on January 3, 1985, due to injuries. Onita is best remembered for forming FMW in 1989 and innovating the deathmatch style of wrestling. This time around, his retirement show was held in a jam-packed Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, with 2,000 fans pressed right up against the ring.

Atsushi Onita FINAL Results

Electric Current Blast Wind Death Match: Pandita defeated Buatsushi Futonita (8:53)

We start the Atsushi Onita retirement show with a comedy version of a classic Onita-style Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch. Replace the barbwire with Christmas tensile, the bombs with explosion sound effects over Korakuen’s loudspeakers, a screaming announcer warning the crowd, and you have a match.

Anyone following Onita’s recent few years will recognize Pandita one of the followers Onita always has with him. I had a hard time finding information on Futonita, but he can be summarized as a fat guy with an Onita tribute gimmick. Post match had Futonita doing his version of a classic Onita theater style promo. A rather skippable but mostly harmless comedy opener that played on classic Onita spots that dragged on for a longer than necessary for such a simple comedy match.

Independent World Battle Royal: Choden Senshi Battle Ranger defeated 326, Flying Kid Ichihara, Macho Michaels, Masahiro Sase, Kameda, Naoshi Sano, Raiden, Ricky Fuji, The Shocker #1, Takumi Sakurai, Tomo Ryu, Toshiaki Terao, Wild Bear, Wild Common, Wild Seven, Wildcat. (10:20)

I’m not even going to try to claim I know who half of these wrestlers are. Ricky Fuji, Ichihara, and Battle Ranger are from the original FMW days. Most of the others are from the deep Japanese indies and are affiliated with the current day FMW or the promotion A-Team (a spin off from when W*ING Kanemura retired at the end of last year closing Apache Pro).

The highlight of the match involved a 52 year old Ricky Fuji getting his tights pulled down exposing his butt with Onita’s nickname 邪道 (Jado) written on it. Final two were Battle Ranger and Ichihara battling for the 1,000,000 yen prize or at the time of writing 8,816 US dollars. Another less than stellar match that I assume was Onita trying to give the indie guys a chance to wrestle at Korakuen.

FMW Mixed Tag: Dump Matsumoto, Onryo, Raijin Yaguchim & ZAP-T defeated Bad Nurse Nakamura, Crusher Maedomari, Hideki Hosaka, & NENE mugen Dai. (8:38)

This is the first thing close to an actual match. Raijin Yaguchi has been one of Onita’s long term buddies. Dump Matsumoto is a legend best known for terrorizing the Crush Gals in All Japan Women’s back in the 1980’s.  Zap-T is long time AJW wrestler Tomoko Watanabe’s masked persona. Bad Nurse and Crusher were FMW dojo graduates known for being Shark Tsuchiya’s lackeys and causing havoc for Megumi Kudo. Hosaka spent his career most notably in FMW but has been around the indies since 1991. Onryo is another wrestler that has popped up in just about every known Japanese indie. NENE is a current lesser known indie wrestler.

A pretty short tag match that was mostly everyone getting a move or two in then Dump swings her kendo stick cutting them off. The thing that really caught me how slow Matsumoto is moving now days but in fairness she is 57 and wrestling on and off since 1980. Overall not to bad considering what was really expected.

ZERO1 Offer Match: Masato Tanaka, TARU, & Takuya Sugawara defeated Shinjiro Otani, Yusaku Obata, & Sean Guinness. (15:21)

ZERO1 has been playing host to Onita’s promoted Super Fireworks shows. This match started off with a really nice video package showcasing Masato Tanaka and Atsushi Onita’s history of tagging to defend FMW from outsiders, matches against each other in FMW, and continuing up until Tanaka’s recent victory winning the Blast King title from Onita.

As an actual wrestling match this is easily the match of the night. The team of Tanaka, TARU, and Sugawara as the Voodoo Murders singled out Guinness though out the match with a mix of straight wrestling and brawling out on the floor. Otani also did a great job getting the crowd into the match with his signature face wash boots to Sugawara that also connected TARU out on the floor sending him into the crowd. If you plan on watching this show for Onita’s retirement don’t skip out on this one.

Atsushi Onita retirement show
Photo: Onita Pro

Retirement Ceremony

The ceremony starts out with news reporters, one at a time, coming to present framed prints of articles and photos from various parts of Onita’s long career. Tam Nakano, currently best known wrestling for Stardom, presented Onita with flowers. When Nakano broke from Actress Girl’Z earlier this year to start freelancing, she became associated with Onita and later teaming with Onita in an exploding bat match. In Onita’s final match as The Great Nita, Nakano teamed with Onita as The Great Tam.

Masashi Aoyagi came to the ring with a cane and threw it down, embracing Onita and presenting him with flowers. When Onita started FMW in 1989, martial artist Aoyagi was his first feud before FMW became known for their deathmatch style.

In the highlight of the ceremony Onita’s mother came to the ring bringing a tear to his eye. This was followed by a 10 bell salute. The retirement ceremony was held before the main event so his mother could safely return home early.

Atsushi Onita retirement show
Photo: Onita Pro

Atsushi Onita Retirement Barbed Wire Board & Street Fight Tornado Bunkhouse Death Match: Atsushi Onita, Shingo Takagi, & KAI defeated Kazuyuki Fujita, Kendo KaShin, & NOSAWA Rongai. (16:48)

The big story leading into this match is one of All Japan vs. New Japan. Long before Onita formed FMW, Atsushi Onita was the Jr. Ace for AJPW but had to retire due to injury at the end of 1984. Kazuyuki Fujita is the successor to NJPW founder Antonio Inoki.

The match opens up with a wild brawl through the completely sold out Korakuen Hall crowed. The first actual wrestling move was Onita piledriving NOSAWA through a table only to be followed a while later with Fujita slamming Onita through a barbwire board. Wild brawls in and out of the ring and repeated sickening chair shots to that head.

The ending stretch mostly involved breaking chair after chair over NOSAWA’s head going for a Fire Thunder Powerbomb and repeating until it finally works. Through the entire match fans where pressed against the ring, trying to get as close as possible with wrestlers trying to hold them back. There is little doubt in mind fire codes were broken.

Post match we had a full Onita theater moment that went on forever with the crowd seeming never to get enough. Onita screaming, crying, multiple promos over the microphone, spitting water into the crowd and full water bottles thrown. The spectacle of the post match is something that needs to be seen to believe.