NJPW World Tag League 2017 Results (11/25/17); Current Tournament Standings

NJPW World Tag League 2017 results 11 25 17
Photo: NJPW

NJPW World Tag League 2017 Results

NJPW World Tag League 2017 continued on Saturday from Shiga. Saturday’s event didn’t air live on NJPW World, but they have uploaded the four tournament matches for everyone to watch. This will be the trend until the next live show on November 30th.

In today’s tournament matches, A Block resumed with Bad Luck Fale and Chase Owens taking on EVIL and SANADA. Fale’s hatred of ring announcers continues as he chased Ozaki out of the ring and around it every chance he got. The LIJ team were definitely the crowd favorites in this one. This match was honestly better than it had any right to be, and EVIL got the pin on Chase for the win.

Next up was Juice and Abuse vs TenCozy. Once again, my utter loathing of Callihan made me tune out on this match. Sorry, but I’m not objective in the least when it comes to people like him. Wait, I take that back. I’m not sorry at all. And. the fact that Juice is teaming with him makes me not care at all about this team or what they do. I can only hope Cozy went backstage and washed his mouth with bleach after Callihan kissed him and spit on him. TenCozy got the win after Cozy dropped Callihan with the Western Lariat.

MiSu and Iizuka squared off against Nagata and Nakanishi in the next bout. And, Iizuka was once again off his leash and terrorized the crowd during his entrance. I swear, Despy needs to keep a closer eye on that man. Pretty much a crazy match with most of the action taking place on the outside. Poor Iizuka didn’t get his pre-match snack again, so he tried to gnaw on Nakanishi’s arm and head, Nagata’s head, foot, and fingers . Despy, give that man a Twinkie before he goes out to the ring!!!! The interactions with MiSu and Nagata in this match were really good; I wouldn’t mind seeing these two face off for the NEVER Title. Nagata ended up getting the pin after hitting Iizuka with the Backdrop Hold.

And, the night’s main event was YOSHI-HASHI and Hirooki Goto facing off with Hangman Page and Yujiro Takahashi. You know, if Goto was a good friend, he would pull Tacos aside and tell him that his hair looks like shit and take him somewhere to get it fixed. But, noooooo. He just lets him go out there with that weird colored rat’s nest on his head. Page continues to impress me with every match, but he just keeps flying under everyone’s radar. The Hangman character sucks, but he’s a great wrestler with a ton of charisma that he should be allowed to show on something other than Being The Elite. Another really good match with Page getting the pin on Tacos.

NJPW World Tag League 2017 Current Standings

A Block

  • Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 4 points
  • Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan: 4 points
  • Juice Robinson & Sami Callihan: 4 points
  • Hangman Page & Yujiro Takahashi: 4 points
  • Hooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI: 2 points
  • Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi: 2 points
  • Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka: 2 points
  • SANADA & EVIL: 2 points

B Block

  • War Machine: 4 points
  • Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr.: 4 points
  • Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin: 2 points
  • Trent Barreta & Chuck Taylor: 2 points
  • Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2 points
  • Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa: 2 points
  • Katsuya Kitamura & David Finlay: 0 points
  • Togi Makabe & Henare: 0 points