STARDOM Goddesses Of Stars – Day 2 Results (11/26/2017)

STARDOM Goddesses of Stars results 11 26 17
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STARDOM Goddesses Of Stars

Day 2 Results (11/26/2017)

Hanan defeated Ruaka (5:52)

This is the third show in a row that this match opens up the show. We are going to see this match opening a lot for shows for quite some time.

Verdict: I think this was the best of the three, but still completely skippable. These matches with the really young trainees without a veteran to hold them together are mostly there for them to gain experience.

Sumire Natsu defeated Shiki Shibusawa (8:31)

Sumire is just so amazingly hateable. Watching Tam Nakano manage Sumire while covertly cheering, and helping anyone against her has been incredibly fun. The blow off to the Oedo Tai split is something I’m looking forward to. Shiki is starting to gain some confidence, and is looking a lot less like a newborn gangly giraffe. It’s still only hints, and flashes, but all hope isn’t lost. I don’t think she is ever going to be a great worker, but seeing improvement is a good sign.

Verdict: I enjoyed the match a lot more than expected. Good character work from Sumire, and seeing Shiki make some improvements gives me a little hope. Not recommendation outright, but regular viewers will get some enjoyment out it.

Oedo Tai (Kagetsu, Hana Kimura, & Kris Wolf) defeated Starlight Kid, Konami, & Hiromi Mimura (12:48)

A fun 6-woman tag that kept moving at a good pace. Little too much crowd brawling at the start for my liking, but once everything got back in the ring, everything started to flow nicely. Everyone’s work was pretty solid without any trip ups. Konami, Hiromi, & Starlight make quite a natural team. If Konami’s freelance status is going to slot her this low on the card, I would like to see them wrestling together a little more regularly, aiming for the Artist of Stardom Titles.

Verdict: A good match but clearly not the focus of the show. Don’t skip this one if you’re watching the show but don’t go out of your way to see it. Nice and enjoyable, but overall not important in any way.

Kelly Klein, Bea Priestley, & Scarlett defeated Queen’s Quest (HZK, AZM, & Momo Watanabe) (7:23)

One of the better outings from Klein and Priestley. Priestley had some good chemistry with Momo and HZK. Klein also had a nice Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam on Momo and HZK. Before this Klein and Priestley tour is over, I would like to see Momo and HZK get a win before they go.

Verdict: Actually not too bad. I have been down on the import talent this tour, but this worked out better than I expected. I’m not calling for it, but I’m curious if Stardom has long term plans for Klein and Priestley after giving them such a strong push in the tag league.

 Yoko Bito & Mari Apache defeated Team Jungle (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora) (8:45)

Bito is on her retirement march, and trying to give everyone an upward push. Even though Bito got the pinfall here, the goal was to give Natsuko a bit of a push by looking competitive against the former Wonder of Stardom champion. Kyona also looked good coming out of this match as well. Yoko and Natsuko had a few timing mistakes, but nothing to major, and were somewhat masked by some quick thinking. Bito is still firing on all cylinders, and making it harder to think she is less than a month from her second retirement. Apache and Bito are an odd pair, but actually worked out better than I would have thought.

Verdict: Good match helping push up Kyona and Natsuko. Bito isn’t slowing down on her road to retirement, and is going out of her way make as many people as she can look good. Another match that I wouldn’t skip, but also wouldn’t go out of the way to watch.

Wonder of Stardom Championship
Io Shirai defeated Chardonnay (15:45)

This match was not good, but in all fairness to Chardonnay, anything less than driving a truck over Io wouldn’t have been believable here. The skill and status gap between Io Shirai and Chardonnay made this very hard to get into. Chardonnay heavily works over Io’s knee throughout the match preventing Io from using her high flying style. This felt like an attempt to give Chardonnay a fighting chance, but in the end brought down a lot of the excitement you normally get from Shirai. By having Io grounded for much of the match, and working from behind against anyone without a strong track record is going to test your ability invest in a match. In some ways Io felt like she was working against herself more than her Chardonnay.

Verdict: I could not get into this match at all. There wasn’t a good way for Shirai and Chardonnay to work this in any believable way. I understood the idea of grounding Io, but in the end it actually hurt more than helped.

Final Thoughts

Start to finish this was a better complete show than day one, but didn’t have any stand out matches. I’m a little torn picking a match of the night because there isn’t a clear front runner. I think Oedo Tai vs. Konami, Hiromi Mimura, and Starlight Kid edges out as my favorite, but everything in the mid card had something to give. Shirai’s title defense against Chardonnay left a lot to be desired. MVP has to be Yoko Bito due to trying to use her final matches to help out her juniors.