FREEDOMS: Jun Kasai Produce Blood Christmas 2017 Results (12/25/2017)

Blood Christmas 2018 results

FREEDOMS: Jun Kasai Produce Bloody X’Mas 2017

FREEDOMS presents us with their annual Christmas tradition. Jun Kasai Produce: Blood Christmas. These show are usually a lot of fun for anyone that enjoys deathmatch wrestling, and my reminder every year I should be watching more FREEDOMS.

Chikara, KAZMA SAKAMOTO, & Yuya Susumu defeated Dragon Libre, Kamui, & Shuji Ishikawa (9:13)

As someone that doesn’t regularly follow FREEDOMS, this felt like such a waste of Shuji Ishikawa. Big dog Shuji has been absolutely killing it in All Japan with a recent Triple Crown reign, and winning the Tag League with SUWAMA.

Verdict: Match was generally fine, but nothing to write home about. I’m more bummed that they didn’t have anything better to do with Ishikawa rather than critiques of the match. With Shuji having stepped away from death matches on an otherwise entirely death match based card I can’t fault this too much.

Tokyo Desert Man On The Verge of Homelessness Death Match

Brahman Brothers (Shu and Kei) defeated Akarangers (Takashi Sasaki & GENTARO) (11:53)

I’m not one for Brahman comedy matches, but owner of the company Takashi Sasaki is always willing to be the butt of the joke. Brahman matches fit to nicely into a formula for me get behind. Spray water on the crowd, water buckets, bowling ball into suitcase to the groin, then someone get’s misted for the finish.

Verdict: If you have seen one standard Brahman match you have seen them all. Sasaki did well here, but the standard Brahman formula doesn’t do much for me, and it does even less after seeing it 200 times. GENTARO almost wasn’t even in this match.

Scramble Bunk House Death Match

Masashi Takeda, Minoru Fujita, & GUNSO defeated Mammoth Sasaki, Toru Sugiura, & Tomoya Hirata (11:53)

Considering the crazy things I have seen Takeda or Sasaki do, this match was rather tame. Takeda is one of those guys that even people who scoff at even the idea of death match wrestling respect as a great wrestler. Surprised to see how much Tomoya Hirata was allowed to do considering he had only been wrestling for a month, and was the only one to get busted open.

Verdict: It was the exact definition of don’t skip it if you already planning to watch, don’t seek it out if we weren’t. The TV version is cut down for time in spots and was more of a warm up for the more intense violent matches later on.

Barbwire Board & Gadget Death Match

Kenji Fukimoto defeated Mad Dog (11:41)

Kenji Fukimoto and Man Dog aren’t very good, but they are both willing to do some crazy things to get by. Mad Dog is an Australian wrestler working out of BCW. Lot of the match involved them stabbing the gadget spike boards into each other’s arms, and stomping thumb tacks into their feet. Little over half way through Mad Dog takes off his boot to make the thumbtack spots worse.

Verdict: Not good. Really not a fan of this style of death match wrestler. Two less than gifted people hitting each other with weapons as a crutch rather than a way to amplify a match.

Glass Board & Alpha Death Match

Daisuke Masaoka defeated Aeroboy (18:31)

These two are going out there showing that they work a death match style because they want to not because they have to. A lot of lucha flying that quickly breaks down into violent death match wrestling. Midway through the match Masaoka hit a gorgeous looking asai moonsault, but looked to have hurt his ankle.

Verdict: I really enjoyed this. The wrestling was good, and the death match spots were just as crazy. Shame Masaoka’s ankle injury slowed down the pace, but they still did everything they wanted. Even with his hurt ankle they put on a great showing.

King of FREEDOM World Title – Ring of Pain 300 Light Tube Death Match

Violento Jack defeated Jun Kasai (19:00)

The ring looked more like a construction site than a wrestling match. Light tubes fill the ring with tables and ladders ringside. This is the first match of Kasai’s I have seen since his very scary injury, and infection that put him in the hospital for a long time. As expected the crowd was super behind Kasai. Jack and Kasai play off each other very well for this particular style of death match.

Verdict: A wild match that Kasai and Violento are known for. Crowd really enjoyed themselves as did I. Not the best death match I have seen of late, but still a solid main event.

Final Thoughts

Overall a rather middling show with good highs, but very low lows. The final two matches deleivered for death match fans, but not sure I would recommend this show to anyone who didn’t already know what they signed up for. Daisuke Masaoka and Aeroboy might be a good match to check out if you’re curious, but there are other matches in recent memory that I would recommend first to newcomers. Match of the night for me goes to Daisuke Masaoka vs Aeroboy. Kasai and Violento felt more main event, but I preferred the semi main.

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