Pure-J Climax 2017 Results (12/17/2017): Yep, Someone Lost Some Hair

DASH Chisako cuts Hanako Nakamori's hair
Photo: Pure-J

Pure-J Climax 2017 Results (12/17/2017)

Two of my favorite tag specialist finally getting opportunities as singles champions, and a high stakes hair vs hair match make this card one of the most anticipated for me in a while.

Aoi Kizuki & Natsumi Maki defeated Aki Shizuki & Yako Fujigasaki (10:43)

For someone still early in their career, I love Natsumi Maki, and Aoi Kizuki, while not the best of wrestlers, can be fun in the right position. Fujigasaki has her moment, but doesn’t click for me. Aki Shizuki is someone I have seen less than a handful of matches but has been around for quite some time.

Verdict: A fun opener that fell apart towards the end. Aoi and Yako have their off nights were things sometimes just don’t work out. Mostly putting the blame on Aoi who often is just a bit off time in her matches, and had a few botched moves. Natsumi looked good as expected, but a generally skippable match.

WANTED ’14 (Raideen Hagane & KAZUKI) defeated Strong Style Rush (Mika Shirahime & Alex Lee) (8:17)

Apparently this match was under tornado rules as there were no tags, and everyone was always in the ring. Someone forgot to inform them that usually you should up the pacing of the match to fit these rules.

Verdict: Not a fan. This had almost no sense of urgency, and just clumsily pushed it way through. By having everyone in the ring at the same time it just made things awkward for everyone. A real shame because I like Strong Style Rush. Mika Shirahime in particular is normally full of fire in her matches, and someone that I put high on a list of wrestlers to watch for.

Daily Sports Tag Team Championship

Command Bolshoi & Leon defeated AKINO & Mari Apache (22:37)

Four veteran who still have something to give, but this was not that match. Bolshoi has been running the ship for JWP that recently evolved into Pure-J, and is still a technical marvel. AKINO has been doing great work in OZ Academy with Mission K4. Mari Apache is currently High Speed Champion over in Stardom where she has been helping the younger members of the roster gain some experience, and overseeing her daughter’s training with Stardom. Little gift for Abbey as The Great Kabuki seconds Bolshoi, and the do Kabuki’s nunchuck performance together.

Verdict: I think Bolshoi and AKINO still have a lot to give to wrestling, but I am having a very hard time recommending this match. Mari Apache’s matches always feel like she is on vacation of late. Too long, and a lot of spots that didn’t work out as planned.

Regina di WAVE Championship

Misaki Ohata defeated Manami Katsu (16:41)

I don’t know if I can be a fair judge of any match between these two. Misaki Ohata is one of my favorite wrestlers around, and I am very fond of Manami Katsu when I do get a chance to see her. Ohata has had a very successful career in multiple amazing tag teams, but has never gotten much chance to shine as a singles wrestler. To my delight she is finally got a run as champion even if most of her run was against lesser upcoming wrestlers.

Verdict: I loved this match. In some ways it didn’t live up to everything I wanted it to be, but I can’t fault it for those expectations. It never quite reached the high point that I wanted, but was very good. I hope that there can be a rematch later down the line in a bigger setting.

Hair vs Hair – Pure-J Openweight Championship

DASH Chisako defeated Hanako Nakamori (21:24)

DASH has been critical of Nakamori’s ability as champion and ace of Pure-J. This eventually brought Nakamori to put up her title as well as her hair to prove to DASH that she was worthy of everything. I have been looking forward to this match since it was announced, because Nakamori while good has been rather stale for a while now, and DASH has never held a singles title in her career. DASH and Nakamori both have 11 years experience, and debuted just days apart from each other.

Verdict: A very good match between the two. Had all the fire for a match with such high stakes, and for the first time in a while Nakamori felt refreshing. DASH is always wonderful, and I am super happy to see her finally win a singles title. DASH is one of the best tag wrestlers in the world right now, and often gets overlooked how good she is on her own. Seems like DASH’s floor brawl music is here to stay. I guess I’m okay with that as long as we keep getting crazy double stomps off various furniture around the arena.

Final Thoughts

Show over all wasn’t that great, but the two matches I was looking forward delivered what I wanted out of them. Two of my favorite tag specialists that I have been dying to see have singles runs are coming out of this show with titles. Match of the show has to be the hair vs hair match. I want to give it to Ohata and Katsu due to how much I love both of them, but DASH and Nakamori rose to the stakes laid down for them. I recommend the final two matches, but it is safe to skip out the rest.

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